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“I thought I could never heal my dog’s itchy skin without medication or supplements until I discovered this (RMF) feeding protocol and book ” – Marion Jones

“My dogs have never been healthier. This is coming from someone who was told 4 years ago to put my dog down as she would not survive the week.” – Joy Sparks Simons

“From overweight, unhealthy, and just surviving to HEALTHY and THRIVING! Look at the model of what RMF can truly do! No Medications, No Supplements, No Vet Visits” – Kamron Swank

“Everyone who had a solution for me also had an expensive product or supplement to sell. Never would I have imagined that a $20 book would educate me not to need anything else.” – Andrea

Healthy Pets For Life!

Are you interested in cooperating with nature and understanding WHY disease happens?

Whether you have a new, healthy pet or a chronically sick one, you will find a gold mine of information here that you won’t find anywhere else. Thousands of VERY SMART pet owners are turning their backs on the industry that makes and keeps our dogs and cats sick in order to sustain itself, and guess what they are discovering…


The RMF Story

I invite all pet owners to objectively compare our methods to the harmful and toxic methods commonly employed by vets. It is my fervent hope for the future that a natural, TRULY holistic approach will replace the current palliation paradigm.

The natural hygiene approach to health and disease offers a great deal of promise to pet owners, and there is nobody I’m aware of who is currently applying this vast body of knowledge to pets. I have not only used it in the care of my own animals, but I have helped lots of other pet owners resolve symptoms and full blown diagnosed disease as well.

RMF Founder, Nora Lenz

RMF story

What’s in the RMF bowl

In their biological history, dogs have never had the opportunity to mix different types of foods in the same meal. Their stomachs have only one chamber, and therefore only one digestive chemical environment can be created at a time. To align with this biological reality, RMF rotates different food types to replicate the wild model as close as possible. That’s why you might hear dog parents talk about “Meat Days”, “Plant Days”, or “Fast Days”.

So what about cats? Cats are obligate carnivores, meaning they require meat. Although some cats may enjoy the occasional bite of banana, unlike dogs (facultative carnivores), cats are only fed “Meat Days”. If you would like to learn more about how to align your pet’s diet and healthcare with their biology in order to prevent and even reverse disease, click the button below. You too, can have healthy pets for life!

RMF Testimonials

RMF is much more than a diet, it’s an entire philosophy that seeks to align dogs and cats with their biological history. Before you delve into the finer points, be sure to check out the testimonials below from those who have put the diet and philosophy behind RMF into practice! And, remember, if you want to find health you must look to those who have acquired the healing you seek, not to those who are throwing supplements and medications at an already over-burdened body hoping something will stick. In addition to the featured testimonials below, you’ll find many more stories of healthy pets on our testimonials page – from disease prevention to health chronic allergies and even cancer.

RMF healed diseases

healthy pets


This senior and former victim of backyard breeding has never been better and is now an RMF poster dog! Read how Honey overcame allergies, head tremors and a whole host of typical bulldog ailments in our testimonials…


One year ago, Khaleesi was having a hard time using her back leg. After putting her on RMF, her body has completely changed and her leg is no longer a problem! Find Khalesi’s full story in our testimonials…


How does a dog who was diagnosed with IVDD start running, jumping and playing frisbee? To find out, check out Jax’s story in our testimonials and see how he did a complete 180 within a year on RMF.


The after photo was taken 4 months after starting RMF. To see how Zeva’s elephant-textured skin, odor and yeast disappeared, read her full story in our testimonials…


This is sweet Sonny. Sonny’s testimonial will show you exactly what can happen when we follow the current veterinary guidelines for pet care. And it all started with a natural bodily function designed to eliminate a build-up of waste – a cough…


Dog trainer Julie Kay Locke recounts how her service dog Pearl overcame a severe hip dysplasia diagnosis and is now more active than ever. Read Pearl’s testimonial to see what removing the cause of disease can do…


This is Kora and these before and after photos were taken 2 months apart! What you can’t see in these photos is that she is also more calm. Read Kora’s story to find out how RMF and an extended fast healed her tumor and her reactive “border collie brain”.


If you think that a dog with chronic ear infections, colitis, black elephant skin, autoimmune disease, Lyme, and Pannus would require medical intervention or lifelong management of symptoms, you would be wrong! Check out what RMF did for Jackson…

Getting Started

healthy pets ebook

Designed to get you up and running quickly, the e-book will give you all the information you need to begin properly feeding your dog or cat right away. Available on this website ONLY (not available on Amazon).

healthy pets membership

Join our private, exclusive community which will educate and inspire you! Enjoy discussions with like-minded pet owners enjoying freedom from the disease-for-profit medical and pharmaceutical industry!

healthy pets consulting

For unsure or insecure pet owners who need a bit of hand-holding. Consulting is also for those whose pet is in a special circumstance that might require changes to the standard feeding protocol.

Blogs & Videos

What does it take to have healthy pets and not have to worry about disease? Understanding disease causation and applying it to the care and feeding of our companion animals requires a HUGE mental shift. It requires us to unlearn what we currently believe to be true about disease and health. Be sure to check out Nora’s FREE blogs and videos, which will help guide you through this necessary shift in thinking.

Decisions about your pet’s health are about to become so much easier. Get rid of all the supplements and notions about healing that you may have had. Things are about to get real simple….

Are you ready?

What Pet Owners Are Saying