Monday, May 9, 2022
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Blog Post: Correcting Common Misunderstandings

As my regular readers are aware, Kimberly Gauthier of “Keep the Tail Wagging” gave RMF a little nod recently when she decided to look into it more closely for her own dogs. We did an interview together (see below) where we discussed the principles behind RMF, and then Kimberly set about doing some experimenting with her own dogs. She wrote a blog article about her experiences, too, and I wanted to comment on some of the things that were said in it. So, I’ve published the whole thing below with my comments in blue italics. I thought it would be helpful for me to do this because many people coming into RMF for the first time will have the same questions that Kimberly had. Sometimes these questions seem irreconcilable with RMF. They aren’t, so it’s important that they be answered.

I want to thank Kimberly once again for being as generous and receptive as she was in her investigation of RMF. We may never agree on everything, but we both want the same thing – informed dog owners and healthy dogs....

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Consulting is for pet owners who may feel unsure or insecure about making the change and need some hand-holding, or those whose dogs might require changes to the standard feeding protocol. Consults are with RMF Founder Nora Lenz.


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Nora and Kimberly Gautier of Keep the Tails Wagging Discuss RMF

Kimberly Gauthier of interviews Nora Lenz about Rotational MonoFeeding. Watch the interview and then read Nora's response to the blogger's review.

Healing Heart Failure

Ok I am going to be honest about something. When I first started reading about RMF, I was a huge skeptic but I decided to try it. Why? Well because nothing on this diet cannot harm them. RMF includes real food that we eat daily so I thought, hey why would it be harmful? In the end, I am so glad I tried it and here’s why....

A healing story from member Kenzie Ng
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