The Healthy Pet - RMF Newsletter
Friday, April 15, 2022
The Healthy Pet - RMF Newsletter
Friday, April 15, 2022
Rotational MonoFeeding Newsletter: The Healthy Pet
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Hello friends!

Thank you for subscribing to the RMF newsletter! We’ve been pretty busy the last several months bringing you brand new content and redesigning the RMF website. Find more information below, including a promotion for a free 3-month membership to our private online community.


New content and private RMF Community
We recently re-branded and launched our new website Rotational MonoFeeding -! Apart from the ground up remodeling and change in layout, new content has been added to help educate and familiarize our visitors with the RMF model and the science behind it. From an explanation of the science of self-healing to the testimonials, videos and new blog posts.

To be notified by email when Nora posts a new blog article, simply sign up to receive a notification email. Enter your email address in the form you will find below every blog post or on the right sidebar of the main blog page here

Don’t miss out on anything! Web content is updated regularly so be sure to visit our website often.

You will notice that some content is available by subscription only. These include:

  • Weekly Q&As where Nora discusses questions related to dog and cat health. Topics run the gamut from the behavior of wild dogs, book recommendations, ear inflammation, and much more! Each week’s Q&A topics are posted so you can see what is being discussed.
  • Interviews with Nora
  • A library that includes a variety of essays and books that go beyond the information provided in the e-book and includes information you won’t find ANYWHERE else. It will give you the tools you need to prevent and even reverse disease in your pets.


Join a friendly community of like-minded pet parents!
If you wish to take advantage of information that you won’t find anywhere else, become a subscriber of the RMF Community by signing up here. The RMF Community Subscription Service also includes:
  • Fellowship with other RMF’rs in a safe, non-threatening environment
  • Private discussion forum administered by Nora and moderated by RMF experts
  • Nora’s weekly Q&As
  • Interviews
  • Vidoes, live chats, and others insights from founder of RMF
  • Library - articles and videos about common dog health problems like bile vomiting, “allergies”, menu ideas, fruit buying guide and so much more!
  • The RMF Community Newsletter (optional - must opt in) - receive exclusive emails from Nora. The opt-in option is available during the membership purchase process.


Last but not least, don’t miss out on our Rotational MonoFeeding Easter Giveaway! Go on an Easter Egg Hunt in Rotational MonoFeeding Facebook Group this week and win one of the following prizes:
  1. 1st Place: RMF phone consultation with pet nutrition expert and RMF founder Nora Lenz
  2. 2nd Place: 3 days of coaching with detox specialist Spyridoula Makri
  3. 3rd Place: 3-month subscription to the RMF Community at
How to Play: Look for admins and moderators to comment on posts this week - this is where you will find the eggs. Count the total number of egg emojis 🥚 that you find in comments.
*Only egg emojis hidden by an admin or mod in their comment during April 11 through April 17 will count.

How to Win: A post will be made sometime during 10am-2pm EST on Monday, April 18, asking to see your Easter baskets! The first one to guess the correct number of eggs in comments on the post will win.
April 10th - April 17th, 2022 Rotational MonoFeeding FB Group (1)


Find the Easter eggs in our FB Group and win one of three prizes!

Winners will be announced in a Live with Nora on Wednesday, April 20, 2022.

Happy Hunting!
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