“Ashamed To Be a Vet”

I hung a flyer at a local off leash dog area a couple weeks ago.  I have been known to use provocative language on my flyers in my efforts to call out the vet industry and alert dog owners to the real causes of their dogs’ health issues, but this flyer simply offered a way for people who are interested in feeding raw to learn how.  It was gone within a few days.  I don’t know who took it down but it’s happened many times before, so I’m not surprised.  However I continue to be dismayed at these displays of apparent support for the vet industry.  Such is the inexplicable power that vets still hold over dog owners.  If vets proclaim raw feeding to be “dangerous” (which they have done, officially), it is taken as truth by the vast majority of dog owners.  People seem to have realized en mass that the human medical system is an utterly heartless financially-driven industry but for some reason vets still enjoy their undeserved reputation as heroes.  In reality, vets are worse than doctors in many ways but particularly in the morality department because they administer their harmful concoctions and life depleting therapies to those who have no power to refuse them (although they try mightily — watch your pet’s behavior next time you take him to the vet) or even voice their objection.

That’s why it’s nice to see some individual vets awakening to the realities of the base industry they are part of.  As you read this article, remember that the person writing it is a classically trained vet who still supports treating symptoms with harmful drugs instead of going the kind, smart, cheap route of removing the causes and allowing the body to heal itself.  He himself likely doesn’t realize that the very feeding regimen he recommends creates the diseases he treats, and that by doing so he is perpetuating unnecessary suffering.  He’s causing harm to animals, and disparaging his colleagues for going just a bit farther.  We have to give him credit for his integrity but if the whole truth was known, the crimes against animals committed by vets that he describes constitute the tiniest tip of an iceberg.  So bear in mind that the actual situation for animals with regard to their treatment by vets is much, much worse than is represented in his article.

While you’re at it, please have a look at Roger Biduk’s site.  I’d like to thank Roger for his unsolicited support of RMF and encourage everyone to read his truthful and well researched articles.

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