AVMA to Vote on Raw Feeding Position

I wasn’t going to comment about this but it’s so obvious I can’t resist.  In case you haven’t heard, the American Veterinary Medical Association is preparing to vote on its position AGAINST raw feeding for dogs and cats, just to make it official that they condemn the proper feeding of dogs and cats.  I am saddened by this news because of the animals that will suffer because of it.  But I can’t help but feel gratified in a way, as well, because now surely nobody can doubt that the veterinary profession is wholly owned by its corporate entanglements and cares nothing about the health of dogs and cats.  Whether you’re just now researching raw feeding or are a long-term raw feeder, you may enjoy reading the long list of comments from people who mostly share my views on this latest move by the veterinary industry at the AVMA’s website:


Following is the comment that I left:

“This is entirely consistent with the general lack of efficacy and credibility in the veterinary profession. If the veterinary educational system really cared about preventing or reversing disease, we pet owners would be getting useful information from our vets. Instead we get drugs, remedies, expensive diagnostic tests, surgeries and recommendations for commercial kibble. Whatever makes money for the system and keeps pets coming back is what we can expect from vets. Pet owners aren’t stupid, and with every move like this one it becomes more obvious that the vet industry is rife with fatal conflicts of interest.

We raw feeders could just choose to ignore this move by the AVMA, but the only problem is it won’t stop there, as other commenters have pointed out. Just as other industries have partnered with government to relieve us of our choices, there’s every reason to expect the same of vets. If the dairy industry can succeed in making a healthful product like raw milk illegal, there’s no limit to what can be accomplished when a powerful industry sets its sights on an economically damaging (for them) trend. For vets, raw feeding certainly is that, because it keeps pets HEALTHY and vet-free.

Pet owners need to wake up, divorce themselves from this dangerous and financially driven system and take complete responsibility for their pets’ health. It is gratifying to know that this proposed policy will do nothing but encourage people to do that.”

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1 thought on “AVMA to Vote on Raw Feeding Position”

  1. One more wake-up slap in the face to we who are willing to trust those we engage to serve us sincerely … to honor their professions. Hmph! Well, guess what – the industry is quickly becoming irrelevant.

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