Hi All, Mark your calendars! I’m happy to announce that RMF’s very first open educational webinar will happen on February 24, 2024 at 2pm (PDT). Whether you’ve been doing RMF for awhile and still have questions or need suggestions or
mystery illness in dogs
Recently one of my Facebook ‘friends’ shared an article about the new “mystery illness” in dogs. She said she was concerned about it, and asked if others were, too. Here’s what I wrote: “Yes, I’m very concerned. But not because
pet food label
For the last couple years, we’ve been hearing rumors that AAFCO was working on a new design for pet food labels. We’d also heard that these would be based on human food labels. Knowing what I know about the human food processing
What's really in pet food?
I just saw this article posted on a Facebook dog group and thought I’d post it here too.  Just in case there’s anyone still feeding commercial kibble to their dog. In that article, the piles of brown powder in the
pet industry
Yesterday in my subscriber video I talked about the gag agreements that vets are having to sign. These agreements make saying “disparaging” things about the conglomerates that own their practices a sackable offense.  Isn’t it revealing that these corporations know
updated ebook
Hi Everyone, It’s been just over a month since I launched the expanded book and I wanted to provide you with a bit more info on what all it includes.     Firstly, I need to point out that I added
updated and expanded e-book
I’m pleased to announce that the updated and expanded version of the Rotational MonoFeeding e-book is finally available for sale after many long months of hard work! If you loved the information in the previous incarnation, you will find much
I heard a new reason for feeding raw commercial grinds (instead of DIY) recently from an owner who said she fed the former because her dog was a “gulper.” So, I thought this might be a good time to do
dog eats inedible
Does your dog eat eat things that seem completely unrelated to food?  Many dogs do.  If you have a skilled forager in your household, you may be interested in this infographic that I found on an animal agriculture website.  It
I’ve been seeing a lot of fuss made among ‘natural’ dog health advocates over a recent study on dogs with Pyometra, a sometimes-fatal inflammatory condition of the uterus.  It showed that dogs already ‘infected’ with Pyometra survived at a very

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