As my regular readers are aware, Kimberly Gauthier of “Keep the Tail Wagging” gave RMF a little nod recently when she decided to look into it more closely for her own dogs.  We did an interview together where we discussed
Recently I wrote a blog article about preventing cancer in dogs. To follow up with that, I have posted on YouTube an audio session that may be of interest. It was recorded by TC Fry in the 1980s about his
bananas for dogs
RMF’rs feed bananas to dogs a lot, so recently in our Facebook group we posted the above banana graphic showing the various stages of ripeness.  We asked members to vote on their favorite stage, for themselves and their dogs, and
cancer in dogs
Yes, of course cancer in dogs can be prevented.  Unfortunately, solid, practical information about exactly how to prevent dog cancer is very rare, just as it is in human health circles.  What’s available instead are extremely remote causation factors, vague
dogs allergic to chicken
Are dogs really “allergic” to chicken? Firstly, if you’re wondering why I have the word “allergic” in quotes, you will want to check out my article and video on “allergies” in general. Basically, allergy is the theoretical concept that attempts
Question:  My 8 yr old girl had Pancreatitis in September and had lots of antibiotics. Her WBC is elevated to 19.98. She has Addison’s disease and a grade 3 heart murmur. I have been adding in a lot of supplements.
veterinary medicine
Almost everyone I talk to about the fatally conflicted interests of the veterinary medical profession says, “it’s just like the human medical system”. Well, of course it is, I think to myself. And why shouldn’t it be? Veterinary medicine came
Hello Fellow RMF’rs, I watch videos made by vets from time to time.  Recently I watched one by a veterinary neurologist and thought I’d pass along a few thoughts about it.  It’s a “day in the life” video, where he
proper human diet
Some of you visiting this page might have seen this video before. I wanted to post it in case it slipped by anyone. I made it with a couple friends a few months ago and was just listening to it
high glycemic
I was so happy to see a member post video of his dog enjoying a watermelon meal on my Facebook group this morning, after reading yet another article yesterday about how “dangerous” “high glycemic” foods are for dogs. This particular article focused

2 thoughts on “Correcting Some Misunderstandings about RMF”

  1. Melina Singh

    Excellent responses to Kim’s message on RMF. It’s a mini-education by itself. Thank you so much Nora. It is so important that RMFers keep reading and re-reading your book, blogs, and facebook posts (all the interaction) to understand the wisdom of the RMF way and realize it is the closest to nature a dog can get via diet. I am so happy to learn your method. Such freedom indeed and good health!
    My senior boy is enjoying the fruits as much as he does his meats. It took about 3-6 months to get him to really relish his foods and to incorporate the diet a la the RMF method, but it’s so worth it. It pays to keep reading the book, the posts, and now the blogs! It is truly un-learning the clutter of the medical and food industry (supplements et al) and it does take time – but the goal is to realize that this is the closest to health for our animals via food and to not give up!
    No more vet bills…hooray!
    You are such Godsend for us. Stay blessed.

  2. Sherri Harding

    Wow, just wow!! Nora, you are so so experienced in these matters! This conversation is a wealth of wisdom. My dogs are a great example of what RMF can do for vibrant health and longevity. I started RMF when my 5 dogs were ages: 9yrs, 10yrs-and 6yrs. They had been on a 15% plant, 85% meat bone organ mix, (basically)since birth . One or two of them had begun having morning bile vomits, and the 6 yr old Coco had anal gland issues, and cysts, and a dime sized tumor under her jaw. Two girls had several teeth that had gotten loose and smelly (too much acid/meat) and the vet pulled them. (I always brush all 5 dogs’ teeth every day, so it wasn’t neglect). There were other more subtle signs of failing health as they aged.
    We’ve been on the RMF plan of five or six fruit days and one or two random meat days a week. It’s been a year and the tumor is gone under Coco’s jaw and she rarely has anal gland issues. Her cysts have not all gone away yet. She is skinny and we are working on restoring her gut health and she has shown improvement in the way of quality of stools. She finally is consistently having smaller, more solid stools. Her father died at 9 from cancer in his bowel and surrounding areas and chronic anal gland issues. I prayed for guidance so Coco would be well and live long. I love her so much! God sent me NORA! You are making such a difference in the lives of our beloved pets, which in turn takes the burden off our shoulders as we see them heal and thrive. We need the comfort of healthy happy dogs as we go through planetary upheaval and instability. Much love and gratitude! Sherri Harding

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