I’ve been seeing a lot of fuss made among ‘natural’ dog health advocates over a recent study on dogs with Pyometra, a sometimes-fatal inflammatory condition of the uterus.  It showed that dogs already ‘infected’ with Pyometra survived at a very
Roadie About 20 years ago, I got a call from my sister about her 2-year old Pomeranian, “Roadie”. It seemed he had a severe case of Pancreatitis and was having to spend the night at the ER. I don’t remember
raw wild pet food
I had a brief conversation last week with the maker of a new (to me) dog food called “Raw Wild Pet Foods”. The niche this company is trying to fill is the segment of dog owners who understand that WILD
raw feed a cat
These instructions presume that you’re going to be transitioning a cat that has already been fed commercial food his/her whole life.  Kittens recognize their natural food, so there’s usually no need to transition them at all.  If they’ve eaten kibble
Kennel Cough is supposed to be a “very contagious” illness. And it does seem to “make the rounds” sometimes, as it is said to do. Yet in the decades I’ve been handling dogs and seeing them exposed to other coughing
colloidal silver
I was thrilled to see Dogs Naturally Magazine DNM giving colloidal silver (CS) the thrashing it richly deserves in a recent blog article.  Despite the favorable reputation that this magazine enjoys, it usually offers very little useful information.  What it
I’ve had many dogs sustain minor puncture wounds while in my care.  And I’ve been asked many times whether dogs need to be treated by a vet for that kind of injury.  So, I thought I’d tackle that question from
As my regular readers are aware, Kimberly Gauthier of “Keep the Tail Wagging” gave RMF a little nod recently when she decided to look into it more closely for her own dogs.  We did an interview together where we discussed
Recently I wrote a blog article about preventing cancer in dogs. To follow up with that, I have posted on YouTube an audio session that may be of interest. It was recorded by TC Fry in the 1980s about his
bananas for dogs
RMF’rs feed bananas to dogs a lot, so recently in our Facebook group we posted the above banana graphic showing the various stages of ripeness.  We asked members to vote on their favorite stage, for themselves and their dogs, and

2 thoughts on “Is Spaying Necessary to Prevent Pyometra?”

  1. Carol Wallach

    Thank you again- sounds like common sense but vets always place the fear on you that their way is the “only way to go”. Healthy living and eating always makes more sense. Love your guidance & information, truth rings out will keep our pups well.

    1. Thanks, Carol, so true. It seems like it’s the only way to them because that’s all they are taught. They go to school like sponges, ready to soak it all in, not to question it. Once they’re in practice they’re even less likely to question it. So it’s our job to just steer clear of them by keeping our animals well. Thanks so much for your support.

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