Summary The kind of problem that Millie encountered is extremely common in dogs. The only thing that sets this situation apart is that, for once, the problem was dealt with correctly, through understanding and removing the underlying cause. As a
Two philosophies That seems to be the fundamental question that separates the two raw feeding camps. One group call themselves “prey model” feeders and insist that dogs are carnivores that should eat little other than meat. Its adherents boast about
Time for some critical thinking An article by a “canine nutritionist” hailing the attributes of canned sardines was recently posted on a raw feeders’ list I belong to.  It was followed by lots of accolades from other members about how
Lately a rash of accidents, bites and other assorted mishaps has forced me to interact with vets with a greater-than-usual frequency.  I didn’t think it was possible, but I’ve come away with even less respect for the profession than before. 

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