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Yes, of course cancer in dogs can be prevented.  Unfortunately, solid, practical information about exactly how to prevent dog cancer is very rare, just as it is in human health circles.  What’s available instead are extremely remote causation factors, vague
Are dogs really “allergic” to chicken? Firstly, if you’re wondering why I have the word “allergic” in quotes, you will want to check out my article and video on “allergies” in general. Basically, allergy is the theoretical concept that attempts
Question:  My 8 yr old girl had Pancreatitis in September and had lots of antibiotics. Her WBC is elevated to 19.98. She has Addison’s disease and a grade 3 heart murmur. I have been adding in a lot of supplements.
veterinary medicine
Almost everyone I talk to about the fatally conflicted interests of the veterinary medical profession says, “it’s just like the human medical system”. Well, of course it is, I think to myself. And why shouldn’t it be? Veterinary medicine came
Hello Fellow RMF’rs, I watch videos made by vets from time to time.  Recently I watched one by a veterinary neurologist and thought I’d pass along a few thoughts about it.  It’s a “day in the life” video, where he
proper human diet
Some of you visiting this page might have seen this video before. I wanted to post it in case it slipped by anyone. I made it with a couple friends a few months ago and was just listening to it
high glycemic
I was so happy to see a member post video of his dog enjoying a watermelon meal on my Facebook group this morning, after reading yet another article yesterday about how “dangerous” “high glycemic” foods are for dogs. This particular article focused
Pearl is a boxer pit bull mix that I adopted at 8 weeks. She is now 13 glorious years of age. Before RMF Pearl is my pet therapy dog, and we also do nose work trials together. I fed her
Before RMF Sonny is an 8 year old Lagotto Romagnolo. His breed’s weight range is between 30-35 pounds. From the start, we fed him an expensive kibble diet that his breeder recommended. We took him to the vet and did
Before RMF Zeva developed a cyst on her leg at 3 months of age. “Allergy” symptoms appeared at 6 months. I took her off kibble and fed raw proteins instead. Her symptoms subsided for a few months then reappeared, so

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  1. Gaby Weiser

    Gibt es das e-book auch in Deutsch? Lieber hätte ich es in Papierform, ist das möglich?

    LG Gaby weiser

    1. Ja, es ist auf Deutsch verfügbar. Wählen Sie bei der Bestellung einfach die deutsche Version aus. Es ist nicht gedruckt, aber Sie können es zu einem örtlichen Kopier- oder Druckgeschäft bringen und es drucken lassen. Wenn sie eine Urheberrechtserlaubnis benötigen, können Sie ihnen diesen Hinweis zeigen. Danke für dein Interesse.

    1. Hi Carmen!
      You can use Google Translator for the blog articles but the videos aren’t in german. You can join our Facebook group and our german speaking members can help you out 🙂

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