“Boost Your Dog’s Immune System!”

Beware anything or anyone who claims to be able to “boost” your dog’s “immune system”. These are the newest buzzwords that the pill and supplement crowd are using to peddle their wares.

There’s no such thing as ‘immunity’ in nature!

The notion that our bodies and those of our dogs are constantly battling microscopic invaders (“germs”) has relieved us of our power over our own health. And it’s made boat loads of money for industries. It’s nice to think we’ve been innocently victimized when we or our dogs get sick. That’s another reason that this is such a cherished idea.  Can you imagine any stronger motivator than big money PLUS a perfectly valid reason to blame something or somebody else when you feel bad?  Is it any wonder this stupid lie is taught in every school in the world, propagated unanimously by medical professionals and defended to the death by its adherents?  It’s all but illegal to not believe it. I’m quite sure someday it will be.

A Harmful Delusion

To illustrate a tiny sliver of the collateral harm that has come from the idea that people are not responsible for their own sicknesses, I often tell the story of the time my mother and I went to a restaurant to collect our free breakfast that came with a hotel room when we were on a trip together.  Noting that there was no fresh fruit or anything resembling it on the menu, I retrieved some fruit from the car. 

As I sat back down and pulled it from the bag, a waitress appeared and said I was not allowed to eat it there.  I tried again in a few minutes and she came back and this time threatened curtly to toss me out.  In that restaurant, I was surrounded by people who were causing disease in their bodies the precise way that disease really IS caused, and I was effectively being punished for not doing that. 

It’s not because healthy living have been outlawed in that state. It’s because that restaurant and every other one like it feared ‘liability’ so much that they persuaded the state lawmakers to pass a “health law” allowing them to bounce people out for bringing in potentially “contaminated” food.  This was in Oregon, btw.  They also don’t trust people to pump their own gas in Oregon.  The genes of those stout people who faced the dangers of crossing the plains to settle there must have died with them.

No “Immune System”:  Bad News or Good News?

Well, that’s in the mind of the beholder.  It’s decidedly bad news if you cherish the idea that you can “boost” your “immune system”, or that of your dog, because there’s nothing to be ‘immune’ against.  There’s nobody attacking you or your dog. The only place you need look the next time your dog gets sick is in the mirror, because waste in his/her body was the cause, and you were the one responsible for it.

“You does the crime, you does the time”, is Mother Nature’s motto.  In the case of our dogs, unfortunately, WE do the crime but THEY do the time.

All this is exceptionally good news, however, for those who are up to facing this difficult (I’ll grant) reality, because it offers a great deal of potential to enjoy lifelong health for yourself and your animals. Those are the ones I’m writing this for.  If you are feeling happiness as you read this, please accept my most sincere and hearty congratulations.

The Body’s Defense System is NOT the “Immune” System

You cannot “boost” something that does not exist. The body has defenders, but their job is just to surround and escort real waste and toxins out.  In no way should this be confused with “immunity”.  When I first learned of this, I recall thinking it was a fine point.  But it’s not.  Here’s an objective definition of the word immunity, according to the dictionary: “exemption from something, especially an obligation or penalty”. Of course, medical propaganda has even invaded the dictionary, so this is always listed as the second definition, in favor of disease-related “immunity”.  The point is, “exemption” and “immunity” are synonymous.  Nobody on earth can be “exempted” from the consequences of harmful feeding or living practices.  Nature doesn’t work that way.

Make Your Defenses Stronger by Using Them LESS

The defensive system of the body can only be made stronger by putting the natural conditions in place that create health. These do not include anything that comes in pill or powder form.  The best way to keep the defensive system of the body in great shape is to give it less to do! 

Every time you or your dog eats a meal of anything except REAL, biologically appropriate food, the defensive system must go to work. It’s job is to escort out everything in the meal that was not 100% usable by the body.  The medical field acknowledges this condition as “leukocytosis” but they conveniently ignore its causes, as usual.  When dogs or people eat inappropriate foods, this cleansing or defensive system is pressed into service. If this happens several times per day, as it typically is in both humans and dogs, it easily becomes overwhelmed. 

The mess continues to pile up, but the ‘bouncer’ or clean up cells are worn out. So it piles up even more. When that happens, only rest from food and all physical activity can restore it. The body knows this and enforces it in the form of “lack of appetite”, “weakness” and “lethargy”.  That’s why these ‘symptoms’ always feature prominently in every disease description, human or canine.

“Immunity”:  A Fabricated Idea

“Immunity” is a concept completely and entirely made up to provide a foundation for the practice of vaccination or “immunization”.  Unfortunately, it now provides a meretricious basis for the selling of lots of other useless and harmful stuff as well.

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