Cat Cold Rancor

Yesterday I cross-posted the comments in my most recent blog post about what causes cat “colds” on Conscious Cat, a website and blog where veterinary medicine is celebrated and revered, and where people can swap stories about the diseases their cats are suffering from and the drugs they’re all using to counter the effects.  My comments were met with a bit of the hostility I’ve come to expect from medical believers, although one of the posters did take the time to say it was not her intention to hurt my feelings.  This particular individual says she has 50 cats (yes, 50) and it is to her that the final paragraph is addressed.  I changed her name in case she was using her real one at the CC site.  Since the site owner is (for now) allowing my comments to remain, it is my hope that they may yet be encountered by a receptive mind.  In the meantime, since I know lots of the latter visit No More Vet Bills, I thought I’d post them here as well, for whatever they’re worth.  Enjoy.

“My feelings are not important or relevant. In any case, mistreatment of the messenger is common when people hear this information for the first time, particularly those who have made the complicated field of medicine a hobby of sorts. I was a medical believer most of my adult life as well, so I have been where you are. My own awakening to the truth took 10 years after I first heard it. That was 16 years ago, so I’ve had a long time to get comfortable with it. Unlike you, I can say I’ve looked objectively at both sides.

Disease is avoidable

When the biological needs of any species are met, disease is impossible. Disease is not inevitable. It’s not difficult to see how it would benefit certain industries to have us believing that it is. Fortunately, many people are waking up to this fact.

In dogs and cats, commercial pet food is far and away the #1 cause of disease

With information being more available now than ever before, it is becoming common knowledge how bad commercial pet food is. Even the best foods with so-called human grade ingredients are over-processed, mis-combined and contain far more indigestible substances than cats are set up to deal with. This is what primarily accounts for the epidemic of chronic disease among cats, with vaccines and medications being secondary.

FOOD is the #1 factor determining whether a cat will be sick or healthy

Every cell in a cat’s body is made up of what s/he is fed. As we all know, cells don’t live forever. They have a life cycle, just like whole organisms. When they die, the materials that are used to replace them must come from outside of the body. The quality of the food creates the quality of the cell, and the quality of the cell determines the overall health of the organism.

Jane, you particularly have absolutely nothing to lose by transitioning a couple of your cats to a natural raw diet. Watch their coats improve, their shedding stop, their hair balls and other health issues clear up. Surely this isn’t the first time you’ve heard about the miraculous changes that occur when cats are properly fed. So many others are experiencing this as well, and their testimonies abound. I’d be happy to share some with you if you’re interested.”

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