Cat “Colds”, aka Feline Upper Respiratory Infection

What are the real causes of cat “colds”?

Cat colds are caused by the same factors that cause eliminative crises in humans. That is, the accumulation of waste.  This accumulation is mostly caused by unhealthy eating habits, with other factors being remotely secondary.  In cats, the feeding of foods that are not entirely digestible is the cause.  Bacteria are blamed because they are always on site to clean up the waste. Viruses are similarly co-existent but are not living like bacteria, they are dead cellular debris. A cold is nothing more than emergency elimination.  It’s one of the very important mechanisms the body has at its disposal to use when internal waste accumulates to a point where function will otherwise be impaired.

Kittens are the most common victims

This affliction happens very often in kittens when they are weaned from the best food in the world (mother’s milk) to the worst (commercial cat food). Their little bodies quickly become overwhelmed with indigestible matter and since they are young, they still retain the original vigor that is necessary to produce eliminative symptoms. The membranes of the upper respiratory tract are enlisted to produce mucus, which is used to transport waste out.  Eyes and ears can also be used as eliminative routes.  If there’s one word that describes what’s happening when a cat is in full eliminative crisis, it is OUTFLOW...

When my kitten was 10 weeks old, I boarded him in a private home where the woman there was also fostering a litter of kittens afflicted with “colds”. She told me she was planning to keep them away from my kitten but knowing my cat needed all the socialization he could get at that important developmental stage, and also being confident that this condition is never “contagious”, I requested that she allow him to freely mingle with them. My kitten played with the sick kittens for 5 days, and never got sick. He’s also never been vaccinated.

YOU and only YOU can prevent feline upper respiratory “infection”

We need to rethink the information we are getting from industries which profit from pet sickness. The information that we need in order to keep our animals healthy for life is not forthcoming from them. That information is available, however. It’s difficult to imagine an entirely independent understanding of health and disease existing with the medical establishment and all its devotees being completely oblivious, but it’s true. It makes sense, it makes nobody any money, and it empowers all those who follow it. It’s called NATURE. The philosophy that most intimately incorporates nature into its understanding of disease is called Natural Hygiene.

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