Constant Hunger

Hi Nora, I have been feeding my dogs a raw meat diet for 8 years.  Last year, I started including fruits and steamed sweet potatoes (rotating them as suggested with the raw meat).  I noticed this REALLY helped my 13

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Natural Hygiene Primer

Most visitors to this site are probably already acquainted with Natural Hygiene, but if reading the articles here or the booklet was your first exposure to Natural Hygiene, you probably have lots of questions.  Even if you’ve been reading about Hygiene for some time, you may

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Double Standards

From time to time I get inquiries from pet owners who are experiencing a crisis with their animals and are seeking other information besides what they get from their vets.  I’m always amazed at how these individuals sometimes set the bar very

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Homeopathy for Dogs & Cats

Homeopathy is experiencing a huge surge in popularity right now as people re-discover the “old” traditional “cures” seem to work better than the new pharmaceutical ones.  We can only hope that this means the pharmaceutical approach to disease has seen its

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