Why not Just Cook?

Canine Nutritionists don’t even know the rationale behind feeding raw. So how can they credibly claim that the “dangers” outweigh the benefits? They can’t! They don’t even acknowledge there ARE benefits. They leave it to dog owners to find out for themselves, which they are doing, without the help of big-pet-food-indoctrinated canine nutritionists.

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Raw Wild Pet Food

raw wild pet food

I had a brief conversation last week with the maker of a new (to me) dog food called “Raw Wild Pet Foods”. The niche this company is trying to fill is the segment of dog owners who understand that WILD

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Bananas for Dogs?

bananas for dogs

RMF’rs feed bananas to dogs a lot, so recently in our Facebook group we posted the above banana graphic showing the various stages of ripeness.  We asked members to vote on their favorite stage, for themselves and their dogs, and

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