Pearl is a boxer pit bull mix that I adopted at 8 weeks. She is now 13 glorious years of age. Before RMF Pearl is my pet therapy dog, and we also do nose work trials together. I fed her […]

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Before RMF Sonny is an 8 year old Lagotto Romagnolo. His breed’s weight range is between 30-35 pounds. From the start, we fed him an expensive kibble diet that his breeder recommended. We took him to the vet and did

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Before RMF Zeva developed a cyst on her leg at 3 months of age. “Allergy” symptoms appeared at 6 months. I took her off kibble and fed raw proteins instead. Her symptoms subsided for a few months then reappeared, so

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Before RMF Jax was adopted from shelter at 7 and Started RMF in Nov 2020 He was on steroids a couple years ago due to yelping in agony, every time you touched him on certain areas of his spine. Multiple

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Kora was about 8 ½ weeks old when I went to collect her from the breeder. Kora before RMF Born in August 2014 which she’ll be 8 this year. She had all her normal puppy vac’s and was a delightful

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Before RMF Honey is 9 and was adopted from a shelter at 7. We started RMF November 2019 I adopted Honey my bulldog at the age of 3 1/2 years of age. She came to me in very bad shape.

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Khaleesi is 5 year old American Bully and came to us when she was 1-1/2 years old. Her previous owner initially used her as a breeding dog and had already had her first litter of 10 pups! This was going

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German Shepherd Jackson's Testimonial

Jackson before RMF For 2 years Jackson had suffered from continuous ear infections and had recently started losing patches of fur on his belly. The skin was turning black. After a visit to the vet, we were told it was

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