Cats Need Raw Food Too

When I started this website I had in mind to focus on both dogs and cats.  It’s so easy to feed cats and since I work mostly with dogs, I’ve sort of neglected the feline sector.  But there is a great need to educate cat owners on how to properly feed their little furry loved ones.  It never ceases to amaze me how different raw fed cats are from kibble-fed ones.  Almost every cat I come across is kibble fed, and it shows in every part of their being.  Raw fed cats are shiny, soft and a delight to touch and hold.  They don’t have the big bellies that commercially fed cats do.  They have shining, clear eyes, clean ears, they are playful throughout their lives and their senses are sharp and keen.

My “new” cat, Sylvester, is only 2 years old now, so he’s just starting to find his groove as far as food consumption goes.  While it’s always important to not allow dogs to dictate their own feeding schedules (dogs are too hard wired to be gluttonous), cats are just the opposite.  I know that when my cat sits on the counter, he’s hungry.  I trust that he will not send me this signal just to get himself fed, which dogs would do all day and night, given the chance.  My last cat, Herbie, did the same.  I fed him his fill and he never took advantage.  When cats eat their way to obesity, it’s entirely the fault of commercial pet foods, along with free-feeding of same.  I don’t think it’s even possible for a raw cat to be obese, particularly if raw fed since kitten-hood.

Cats are Easy to Raw Feed

If you have a cat that you love and want the best for, there’s no reason to not raw feed.  Absolutely the hardest part about raw feeding cats is transitioning them from commercial food, which can be tricky, granted.  Cats are creatures of habit and do NOT like change.  But, there are strategies you can employ to make the changes so subtle and slow that your can’t won’t even know he’s being converted.  Once the changes are made, it is almost as easy as kibble feeding.  Cats have much simpler needs than dogs, nutritionally speaking.

Raw Feeding Testimonials Abound

If you need convincing that it’s worth the effort, read a few of the thousands of testimonials on line about the experiences that people have watching their previously sickly, hairball-chucking cats become beautiful feline specimens.  Or read the essay I wrote here about my lovely cat Herbie, who died after a 10 year symptom-free life as a result of being fed commercial pet food by a neighbor on a regular basis.  What he experienced when he began eating kibble (without my knowledge at the time) was the exact opposite of the transformations that kibble-fed cats undergo when they are transitioned to raw.

If you’d like help transitioning your cat, contact me.  A small investment now can save much heartache, suffering and financial pain in the future.

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