Chronic Ear Inflammation, “End Stage Ears” and TECA

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably got a dog with chronic ear inflammation. I did, too, a long time ago, before I knew the truth about this problem. Once I figured it out, I resolved my dog’s ear issues forever and wrote a blog article and a book  about how I did that, to try and help others.

What is TECA?

The reason I’m revisiting this topic now is an email I received yesterday from a distraught dog owner whose 8-year-old Cocker Spaniel was recently diagnosed with “end stage ears”. Her vet recommended a procedure called “TECA”, which stands for Total Ear Canal Ablation. Astoundingly, to me at least, it seems vets are so stymied by this medical-treatment “resistant” problem that they are now opting to just remove the ear canal and stitch up the opening. Although that doesn’t really describe the procedure accurately, it’s close enough because regardless of how much of the structure of the ear is removed, it always results in permanent near-deafness for the dog.

Here’s how TECA is described in the opening paragraph of this article on

“When chronic ear infections are severe enough, the best choice is usually to remove their ear canals entirely.  Sad as it sounds, this is how we handle things when they get out of control in this hard-to-reach area. While most owners rebel against this kind of dramatic surgical option (called a TECA, short for total ear canal ablation), it’s always better than the chronic pus, pain, and everything else that comes with it.”

And so you’ll know for sure that I’m not making any of this up, here’s another excerpt from an article written by someone calling himself “DrGoodVet”:

“Hershey, a 6 year old cocker spaniel, had been in and out of the veterinarian for ear infections for nearly all of his life. He was treated with just about every oral antibiotic, and every sort of ear drugs known to mankind; regrettably, with little to no success. Tablets, capsules, lotions, potions— nothing worked long term. The ear diseases merely kept coming back. As he became increasingly more uneasy, Hershey came to be head-self-conscious and sometimes even competitive when his defenders attempted to administer ear drugs. Eventually, the odor due to the disease had invaded every room of the house. Something had to change.”

You’d never know from reading these articles that there actually ARE other options for a dog with chronic ear problems besides amputation of the ear canal! Typically, dogs who have this kind of inflammation so frequently that scar tissue develops already have some degree of impaired hearing. But having the ear canal stitched together certainly isn’t going to improve their hearing. To say nothing of the pain and stress involved for the dog, and the financial and emotional strain for owners.

TECA is a completely crazy and cruel response to chronic ear inflammation, particularly when there ARE other options. Why not try and understand what really causes ear inflammation so that we can remove the causes? If it was true what vets say about ear inflammation causation, no dog would ever be able to recover from it with simple dietary improvement. Yet that happens predictably when people start feeding properly, just as it happened to my dog. And I don’t mean switching to another brand of vet-approved commercial food, and yes, even the raw ones are bad. I mean proper feeding, as taught to us by the wild model, our only objective source of information on the subject.

Treatment without removal of cause guarantees repeat business for vets

As noted in the first excerpt, vets bemoan that when a dog has already suffered so much inflammation that the ear canal is indurated or thickened with scar tissue, the area becomes “unreachable”. This makes it difficult to clean and apply medicines to the affected area. However, if applying medicines was the answer to this problem, there would be no such thing as recurring ear inflammation, at least in the dogs who are seen by vets. I can tell you from personal experience that seeing a vet for this problem all but guarantees recurrence. Even the vets realize it, as you can see from the second excerpt!

What are the real causes of ear inflammation?

It’s not an ideal situation to have these tissues hardened by the scarring that comes from chronic inflammation. They are supposed to remain delicate and sensitive in order to function properly. But it’s not necessary to REACH them at all, and it is definitely not necessary to remove them. This procedure reminds me of how routine it used to be (and perhaps still is, for all I know) to remove tonsils in humans. Tonsils are not expendable spare parts, they are part of the lymphatic system and as such are responsible for removing wastes from the body. When they are inflamed, it means they are doing their job but are being overburdened by the amount of waste they are being asked to deal with. The ear canals are similar, only their primary function is not to remove wastes from the body. The body is sacrificing the tissues inside the ear canal in its efforts to eliminate wastes in any vicarious way it can. Its only other choice is to allow the wastes to be retained internally where VITAL organs will be compromised. In its immense wisdom, the body weighs the costs of each option and proceeds with the one that involves the least cost.

Does it make sense to simply close off one of its options, or might it be better to decrease the waste production in the body so that the ear canal doesn’t have to be used to eliminate the excess?

Address the CAUSE

Removing body parts or applying medicines does not address the real causes of ear inflammation. Only changing the diet can do that. FOOD is the cause of ALL ear inflammation, short-term, long-term, acute or chronic. Or, to be more precise, the parts of the food that are not digestible. Yeasts and bacteria are NOT the cause of ear inflammation, they are the microscopic organisms that happen to subsist on the morbid matter than comes out of a dog’s ears when s/he is misfed. They are there to clean up the mess! They are nature’s clean-up crew. That’s why they are guaranteed to be found at the site of inflammation. Their presence there does not indicate causation, however, even if the whole medically-brainwashed world believes otherwise.

Something is wrong here!

When I needed a science credit for my degree in college, I picked the least ‘scientific’ class I could find that would pass that threshold: Symbolic Logic. If a recovering science-phobe like me can figure out this problem and resolve it permanently, what does that say about the competence of the self-professed “scientific” veterinary profession? Can there be any doubt in anybody’s mind that the vet industry has gone astray somewhere when they would consider removing a dog’s ear canals in response to a simple problem like chronic inflammation?

What would your dog choose, if s/he had a vote?

If you are the owner of a dog with this problem, I urge you to think critically about what you’re being told by your vet, particularly if TECA has been recommended. Almost anything would be a more appealing option than this disfiguring barbarism, both to you and your dog. That there is an answer that will not only be cheaper for you, involve no pain and stress for your dog, be permanent and practically guaranteed to work should make it a no-brainer to at least try it first. If you want to learn how to properly feed your dog, consider ordering the $20 quick start guide I sell here. If you can’t afford it, please contact me and I will send it to you for free. I wouldn’t want to think that I had any part in $20 getting in the way of a dog avoiding this incredibly misguided procedure.

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5 thoughts on “Chronic Ear Inflammation, “End Stage Ears” and TECA”

  1. Barb Brackey

    We have a 10 year old cocker spaniel who has always had clean ears, until the last year or so. We took her to our vet and they put her on medication. This seemed to help at first, but when the medication was done her ears only got worse. We took her back and he told me her ear canal was turning to bone. I was totally shocked! He talked about TECA. I didn’t understand what all this meant so when I got home I looked up the causes of ear canals turning to bone. That’s when I saw your article. I’m so very glad I did! My husband and I feel sick thinking that because of the way we’ve fed our dog all these years we have caused her this misery. We have ordered your book and are looking forward to doing things the right way for our beloved dog. Thank you so much!
    Barb Brackey

    1. I am also very glad you found my article! I think this procedure is practically criminal given the absolutely risk-free and cheap alternatives that can be employed to resolve it permanently. I hope you’ve been able to get your dog’s issues turned around. I’d love to hear the particulars and am always willing to post additions to my blog articles when I hear of a dog owner whose testimonial might be helpful to others.

      1. Hi! I’m amazed I found this so easily, I searched up homeopathic solutions for end stage ear disease and this was one of the first things that caught my eye. I have a really tough situation with my pup, and have no idea what to do. He first got his ear infection maybe 5 years ago after playing with the water hose and we never knew much about cleaning ears, or anything. I was a kid and my family didn’t believe vets were necessary… so month after month, my one family member tried all sorts of treatments until the infection got so bad he had bloody ears. I still cant believe they let it get to that, but at this point I was old enough to get him to a vet and get antibiotics. But my family didn’t take him back for his checkup but instead kept ordering the drugs and kept him on/off of them for 3 years. So it suppressed the infection but never rid it. I didn’t know better either until now. He’s been to a vet, was cured, then got attacked by a dog and I think because of the stress and overmedication, his ear infection came back. He has end-stage ear disease and I can’t afford TECA or putting him through more anesthesia/pain. I make his meals myself and give him natural supplements.. I know this was a lot- he has a long history, but I was hoping you might have some advice for me! Thank you and I hope to hear back soon!

        1. Please waste no time getting your dog on proper home feeding according to the book I sell here. You may even want to fast him if the situation is dire.

  2. Thanks, Nora.

    The horrors perpetrated by the medical profession know no bounds but thanks to people like you there’s hope for both humanity and our pets.

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