Consulting Nora Lenz
RMF Founder, Nora Lenz

Do You Need a One-on-One?

My e-book is designed to get you up and running quickly. It will give you all the information you need to begin proper feeding right away. Consulting is for those dog owners who may feel unsure or insecure about making the change and need a bit of hand-holding. It is also for people whose dogs are in special circumstances that might require changes to the standard feeding protocol.

I do not diagnose or treat disease. While a diagnosis from a vet can sometimes be helpful, most often the function of diagnosing is to attach a name to symptoms so that suppressive and harmful methods can be used to treat them.

Doing so only stops symptomatic expression and will never uncover nor correct the CAUSES of the illness. What we will endeavor to do is remove the causes of illness (which are almost always DIETARY, despite claims from the veterinary establishment to the contrary) so that the body can heal itself.

Please also bear in mind that the purpose of consultations is not the navigation through health crises.  It is very difficult to know which veterinary recommendations are valid and which are not. Even when I can be in the same room with the dog to observe symptoms and condition.  To do this remotely is risky for all concerned.  The consulting service is mainly for owners needing initial guidance, designing feeding strategies and/or tweaking of the diet.  If you are unsure whether your situation would be appropriate for a consultation, please email me at If you have not yet read the book, PLEASE DO SO BEFORE ORDERING A CONSULTATION. No refunds are issued once a consult has been paid for.

What to expect

After you place your order, you will receive an email with a link to download a form. This form gives me a brief (the form is 2 pages) history on your dog so that we can focus on getting your questions answered when we’re on the phone. Once I receive your completed form, I will contact you to schedule our chat. Consultations are done by phone.

Consulting includes one 1-hour phone consultation PLUS 1 email for follow-up questions.

Note: the following payment options are available: Paypal or Zelle (if your bank offers it) or a major credit card. For Zelle payments, please send payment to I will be notified by Zelle. For consultations only, ‘old school’ snail mail payments by check or money order are acceptable! Please contact me at the above email address for mailing instructions.