Dog Flu?

I just read an article on Dr. Falconer’s site about the remedies he is selling for sufferers of the epidemic of dog flu that is now apparently raging across the country. I say “apparently” because it seems to be an epidemic only in the minds of the people who bring us the “news”. I say “news” because, impossible as it is for the general public to accept, the media really does CHOOSE what makes the news. THEY decide what to cover, based mostly on their own agenda of spreading fear and selling products, a large percentage of which are either pharmaceutical or create the perceived need for them.

In 2011 there was a similar “scare”, and “outbreaks” were noted in California, New York and Texas. Here’s a rundown of the numbers:

  • California, eight cases. Five in the Los Angeles area, three in the Sacramento area.
  • New York region, 10 cases. Three were in New York City, three on Long Island, and one each near Poughkeepsie, N.Y., Middletown, N.Y., Hartford, Conn., and Delaware.
  • Texas, 10 cases. Five were in San Antonio, five in Dallas/Fort Worth.

There are 77.5 million owned dogs in the U.S., and you can bet that a big chunk of them live in California, New York and Texas, since all of those states have more than their proportionate share of the human population. If these numbers constitute an “epidemic” or even “outbreak”, then we will have to change the dictionary definition of those words.

So let’s dispense with the fear right away so we can take back control of this situation. Dog flu is caused by one thing only — mis-feeding — and nothing that we cause ourselves need be feared. It just needs to NOT be caused! Doesn’t that make sense? Doesn’t that give US all the power?

Btw, I am not talking about improving your dog’s “immune system”. There is no such thing as immunity in nature! If causes are there, no dog can be “immune” from their effects.

As I mentioned, there is ONE cause of flu, and that is the accumulation of waste in the body. Flu is like any of the constructive symptom complexes that the body (dogs and humans) uses to get rid of accumulated waste. Since commercial foods (including commercial RAW foods) are very productive of waste in a dog’s body, and since commercial foods are commonly fed, flu symptoms are also extremely common. In fact the only bewildering part of the whole dog flu situation is that every single commercially fed dog doesn’t have it! That dogs mostly survive the daily dietary onslaught their mis-trained owners visit upon them is truly a testament to their resilience.

There is only one reason why something like dog “flu” ever makes the news. The media, who are owned by the same corporations that make pharmaceutical products, would like us to buy more vaccines. If the media was about learning the best ways to keep dogs healthy and passing that information along to dog owners, this website and others like it would be a regular feature on the news. People would be advised to feed their dogs as naturally as possible, using the model that nature provides us to this day. As it is, that information is opposed and suppressed not only by so-called health professionals but by their minions in the media as well.

The best thing we can do for our dogs where these scary news stories are concerned is NOT to run out and have them vaccinated or even buy some expensive homeopathic “remedy”, but to do NOTHING. Nothing except feed properly, of course.

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2 thoughts on “Dog Flu?”

  1. I just love you ideology… it is very true, to a point. As an energy worker I have learned that they do need more than just the right diet. Intention, lifestyle, love are integral components to the equation. Our toxic society contributes to, not just their downfall, but ours too! Since we can’t live in a bubble, I encourage my clients to do the best they can with what they have. If they are ready for more education and assistance, I’m here to help. Please keep writing, I’m listening……

  2. Joy Eriksen

    Could not agree more. And thank you for including commercial raw food as something to avoid. Not only are they terrible expensive, they are also high pressure pasteurized and they contain things dogs don’t need.

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