Dog Nutrition 101 Video Interview

In this video, Nora Lenz and Kelley Weld discuss what’s wrong with ALL commercial pet foods, the rationale behind Rotational MonoFeeding and why it works to keep dogs healthy for life.

One thought on “Dog Nutrition 101 Video Interview

  1. How can I put weight on my 2 year old dalmatian when he cannot eat high proteins. I have been using your rmf system for several months and we are still loosing weight. He is showing signs of yeast between his toes and around his chin. We also have a few redish/brown marks in his fur on his head and thights. Our diet consists of :- raw rabbit, beef, turkey, lamb, lamb hearts, ox liver, lamb necks, lamb ribs, bananas, red berries, apple, pear, kale, cabbage (red and green), carrot, pumpkin, sweat potato, beetroot, broccoli, cauliflower. All fruits and veggies (steamed) are rotated.

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