Dog Nutrition 101 Ebook

The Ultimate Ebook on Pet Nutrition 


It is not necessary to do extensive research on dog nutrition or make a hobby out of learning how to feed your dog, as many have done.

If you’ve decided that the trust you’ve placed in the commercial pet food industry has been misplaced, there is an alternative that is easy, affordable and highly effective. Many have sought this information without finding it. There is so much nonsense and conflicting 'information' out there that researching home feeding often keeps dog owners in a state of perpetual confusion. And when dog owners are confused about what to feed their dogs, the sick pet industry makes money.

This 100-page book gives you all you will ever need to know in order to fulfill your dog’s true biological needs and declare your independence from those who profit from misery. Putting these feeding practices to work will spare your dog immeasurable suffering and save you hundreds or thousands of dollars in vet bills over the life of your dog.

Bear in mind that once you spend the $19.95 on this book, there is nothing more to buy except real food, the kind that can be bought in any supermarket. No expensive oils, no remedies, no herbs, no supplements. AND no vet bills. That's the very reason why the information in this book is so rare and elusive -- it not only makes nobody any money, it takes profits away from many industries whose interests conflict with yours.

New: Also included with the book are 3 pages of tips for transitioning kibble-addicted cats to a raw natural diet. The book is also now available in FRENCH. If you would like the French version, please email me at norabvue@gmail.com after placing your order.

Printable: If you have trouble reading on your device, this book is printable either by you or a copying service. If a commercial printer asks you to obtain permission before printing, email me and I will grant it.

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Partial Table of Contents

  • The Pet Food Game
  • What is in Commercial Pet Food?
  • Product Testing
  • Are ALL Commercial Foods Bad?
  • Raw or Cooked?
  • Are “Pathogens” a Valid Concern?
  • What Nobody Understands About Bacteria
  • The Two Types of Disease
  • Vaccination
  • Titering
  • Socialization
  • Feeding Puppies
  • Age-Specific Diets
  • Allergy Formulas

And much more…