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Do you know someone who works at a shelter or other rescue organization? Or perhaps do you operate or work in one yourself?

More and more people are awakening to the harm that is caused by some of the routine interventions that allopathic vets employ in their zeal to ‘prevent’ disease. These troubling, drug-based methods of theirs are being recognized by prospective dog owners as harmful and unnecessary. Consequently, many are wanting to adopt animals that are clean of these injurious influences. And they SHOULD have that choice! After all, they’re the ones who will have to pay (in many ways) for the lifetime of chronic sickness these treatments create. As a result, many are turning away (or being turned away) from the shelter system just as it is in most dire need of responsible adopters.

Coercive tactics keep allopathy alive and well

Health conscious adopters approach shelters with an open heart and the willingness to adopt only to be told that they are not “qualified” to be a pet owner! It’s a shameful state of affairs that in order to be considered a “responsible” owner you have to follow the advice of allopathic vets. Many shelters will even turn away adopters if they don’t “have” a regular vet! In order to have a regular vet, one has to have demonstrated the NEED for one. I’m the most responsible pet owner I know, and yet I do not have a “regular” vet. If the sick dog industry had not deliberately set out to use the shelter system as its ally in corralling dog owners into a lifetime of dependency, it could not have done a better job.

People who want to rear dogs naturally should not be shut out of the shelter system, and yet that is what is happening. Many potential adopters are being forced to deal with natural rearing breeders, unethical backyard breeders or irresponsible dog owners with accidental litters. Often they just want to save the life of a dog, but they don’t want one that has been jabbed a dozen times and doused or dosed with other ‘preventative’ poisons.

Shelters need this information!

It has been an extremely frustrating exercise trying to get alternative information into the rescue community. Shelters are legitimately dependent on the services that vets offer. They cannot afford to bite the hand of the sick dog industry. And we who endeavor to keep our animals out of that system know just how easy it is to ruffle its feathers. Vets (and shelters, by association) are so vehemently opposed to raw feeding, for example, that the mere mention of an adopter’s intention to raw feed can get them disqualified from adopting.

RMF hopes to change that. It’s time the rescue community started putting their loyalty to animals ahead of their allegiance to the vet industry. There are BETTER ways to care for animals, and the animals deserve it. These cost very little, carry NO “side effects” and offer enormous benefits. The current tide of disenchantment with pharma-based medicine, combined with shelters being increasingly overwhelmed, may present us with unprecedented opportunities.

Real world proof that RMF saves money and animals!

People who work in shelters need to realize how important it is to follow the DICTATES OF HEALTH. Observing the laws of life can have REAL MONETARY benefits for you or your shelter. If you doubt this, please watch this video by the founder of a shelter who adopted RMF for his 47 rescued dogs only a few months ago. He has already gone a record number of days without vet visits. The founder of this rescue organization is full of praise for RMF. He has said that he learned more about dogs from my book than he had in decades of dog guardianship.

Please help us spread the word

Are you, or do you know, the principal or founder of a rescue organization? If so, please let them know about this offer we are extending. Subscription to our private group affords many benefits, all of which can be found here. I make weekly videos to answer questions submitted by subscribers. We now have hundreds of these archived on the website. We also have many essays, useful tools and full book PDF’s. I will also happily send a copy of my book for free to anyone working in a shelter who is in a position to influence how animals are treated.

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