Before RMF

Honey is 9 and was adopted from a shelter at 7. We started RMF November 2019

I adopted Honey my bulldog at the age of 3 1/2 years of age. She came to me in very bad shape. Her weight was 52 lbs. She ate cheap kibble and her skin reeked of yeast. Honey was used by a backyard breeder to make money. She had from my knowledge at-least two births and lots of puppies. They botched her birth surgeries w crappy stitching.

She was overweight and had terrible itchy skin, bad teeth, terrible breathing, skin stains on her face, feet and body and many more things I didn’t know at the time. She was Not very active and it was hard on her to walk. I didn’t want her to suffer in her life. So, I began to research to help her become healthy in the most natural way possible. In learning more, I knew the only way to get her healthy was to do it internally. So I looked to homeopathy for help ( I did a “vaccinosis detox”… with homeopathy..) and it did the best it could but she still struggled with the same issues.

I cooked for her for over a year and thought this must be better than kibble but little did I know it was hurting her more. I quickly jumped into raw feeding and found a premade raw company and had her on it for about 6 months. Then Honey got super sick. Her health began to decline and she was diagnosed with pyrometra and I was scared that I was gonna lose her. I allowed them to operate on her and she had a full removal of her uterus. It was 4 lbs full of pus. During her surgery, I was told she had to be flushed and her scar tissue from previous surgeries where so bad they had to do some sort of tummy tuck on her abdomen.

She was sent home to recover with antibiotics and pain meds. The medication made her even more sick so I stopped giving them after 3 days into her recovery. Throughout her whole life (from the age of 3½) she’d had head tremors, off and on. Although I was determined to rid her of them, they kept coming back. At that point I tried homeopathy and they would go away for a while but they come back.

I had heard about No More Vet Bills for a while and I decided to jump in. Nothing else had worked so I figured what did I have to lose. I read the book as fast as I could. Even though I felt like I knew stuff the book was saying I was wondering if this way of feeding could really heal Honey.

I sure hoped it could and it did.

Honey After Starting RMF

So I began feeding RMF in November 2019 and in January 2020 she began have less symptoms. But she was still a hot mess. Here’s a partial list of her symptoms before RMF and during detox:

  • Pushing out parasites (worms in poop) …
  • Hot spots on the neck and back area… a
  • A raw belly that won’t heal….
  • Funk in the nose and terrible tear stains…
  • Stained paws and nails yep stained from yeast…
  • Lots and lots of phlegm… congestion comes out of her poop…
  • Raw sphincter…funky ears…
  • Yeasty paws…Smelly fur…. clammy and sticky body
  • Hair falling out… lots of hair falling out…Patches of hair grown back
  • Rough cracked paws-all smooth now…
  • Dark stains on her skin…
  • Open sores on her face…
  • Yucky ears….
  • Paw cysts…
  • Gunky eyes….
  • Itchy skin…
  • And so much more…

We experimented with various protocols to find what would work for honey. We did 5 plant days to 1 meat day for 3-4 months and head tremors finally decreased. Now we don’t have them anymore. Then I decided with the help of one of the group moderators I came up with the Honey protocol. 2 plant day 1 meat day 2 plant day 1 meat and 1 fast. We love it and we have shared our protocol with others. And we have done this for over a year. We even did a few extended fast that her and I both did together.

Honey is thriving. She has been healed of all the above and is finally healed of her raw itchy belly.
It took 18 months but she’s healed.

We still are working on her tail pocket, but however long it takes we know her body will heal itself through proper feeding and good hygiene.

RMF works, you just got to trust the process. Re-program yourself to allow the body to heal itself and not to allow yourself to run to medication that will kill you from the inside out.

This was hard. It took everything in me to stick with the process. I cried a lot and saw my dog go through so many tough days to get to this point. I say this to everyone I get to tell my testimony that Honey has overcome so much. With what I know now I would have never had pyrometra surgery on her. Undoubtedly RMF would have allowed her to fully recover from a disease like that. I tried everything … but to understand that proper feeding can get your dog healthy is just the smartest thing I’ve ever heard in my life.

If what I have shared can’t get you to look at your dog and want the best quality of life for them and make changes, then RMF isn’t for you. Honey is my success story. I can sleep at night knowing my dog is healthier than she’s ever been. And because of her quality of life, she will live her happiest life in front of her and hopefully I will have her with me for a very long while.

Thank you, RMF family, for allowing us to share our journey with you.

Laura Lee Colchado

honey before

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