German Shepherd Jackson's Testimonial

Jackson before RMF

For 2 years Jackson had suffered from continuous ear infections and had recently started losing patches of fur on his belly. The skin was turning black. After a visit to the vet, we were told it was normal to have this occur with allergies. Our only options were to let it get worse or to medicate. After hearing that, we knew a dramatic change was needed. In Jackson’s 5 short years, he had become a patient at four different veterinary clinics for a number of ailments ranging from major to minor for example:

  • ear infections
  • colitis
  • problematic anal glands
  • intense itching & biting
  • Lyme
  • Pannus
  • several autoimmune diseases
  • bile vomiting
  • fur loss
  • black elephant skin and
  • loss of appetite just to name a few.

No amount of medication or procedures had resolved any of the above.

Jackson after starting RMF

We started our dogs on RMF in 2020 because in our minds, we had exhausted all other methods to heal our dog, Jackson. The realization that no Dr. had been able identify the true cause of disease nor provide us with a solution, was truly the driving force of motivation we needed to jump into RMF 110%. Nora’s ebook along with the hundreds of testimonials on the Facebook support group page gave us the knowledge and motivation to begin this RMF lifestyle for the dogs. We pushed through each detox wave and healing crisis knowing there was no alternative.

By the time the 1 year anniversary of RMF-ing was here, his fur had completely grown back and most of his problems had cleared. Both dogs are in the best shape of their lives and their health continues to improve each day. Achieving this is as easy as following the principles of natural hygiene and feeding biologically appropriate foods which Nora lays out in detail in her ebook. You just simply have to read it. Jackson will be turning 7 next month and has a long, healthy life ahead of him instead of suffering, continuous vet visits and medications.

We couldn’t be more grateful to Nora and the entire RMF support team as well as the RMF community for helping us on this journey. “Dog Nutrition 101” will be the best piece of information you will ever read as a dog/cat owner. True healing CAN take place and it will never involve poisoning your dog.

Colleen Irick

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