Before RMF

Jax was adopted from shelter at 7 and Started RMF in Nov 2020

He was on steroids a couple years ago due to yelping in agony, every time you touched him on certain areas of his spine. Multiple X-rays, CT’s, blood tests and prescriptions of various forms of medication. Even then, nothing explained his extensive pain, so, eventually vets diagnosed him with IVDD. The steroids worked for a while, but he seemed to be anxious, and very dog reactive, which he hadn’t been previously. All he did was sleep and hide in his house or his indoor bed (he did have short bursts of energy but was not consistent)

In Jan 2020 he ended up in emergency as he collapsed, had lost an excessive amount of weight and was vomiting. 5 days in the hospital, after being told to say our goodbyes, we decided to take him home.
He almost immediately improved. BUT it was with excessive antibiotics, pain killers (gabapentin) and taken off of steroid and given previcox.

That only lasted until he started to become more immobile and miserable and his yelping never stopped, especially if we took him on a longer play/walk. Therefore, the’ve given us morphine to further ‘help’ with pain.

We were feeding him raw with multiple supplements (we thought we were doing the best for him). Early Nov 2020. He collapsed with heavy panting and unable to walk. Multiple vet visits, yet again, not to mention thousands and thousands spent at this point (close to 10K if not more in 20 months), we were frustrated with rude and uninformative advice from the vet… all guesses, yet again. They told us his excessive panting, now, was probably Cushing’s disease.

Jax after starting on RMF

That was it for us. We knew we had to change, or try something different. I found the Facebook group via another friend through Instagram and we have never looked back. I read Nora’s book and we started RMF immediately. We played around with protocols but stuck with 6 plant, 1 meat, 1 fast.

The detoxing was absolutely scary. I will not lie, we almost stopped, but we kept telling ourselves and him, that it was for the best. And boy were we NOT wrong!

Fast forward to today. Jax is playing, running, jumping, not to mention LEAPING everywhere, not sleeping all day, has the energy of a puppy. Jax plays fetch, chases his frisbee or ball and we cannot believe he is the same dog we thought we may have to say goodbye to, almost 17 months ago. Eats ALL his foods as given (bananas are his ABSOLUTE favourite in the world)! He is calmer, just beautiful. He had inflamed paws (told it was arthritis), gone. His whole body shook whilst laying, practically gone.

He now has 2 meat days a week… for the most part with the rest being plants/fruits & fast days after meat.

Blessed is all I can say. Absolutely thankful and blessed we encountered this amazing way of feeding our Jaxy boy.

Anna Duric

jax before
jax after

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