Khaleesi is 5 year old American Bully and came to us when she was 1-1/2 years old.

Her previous owner initially used her as a breeding dog and had already had her first litter of 10 pups! This was going to be her life….to have as many litters as you could. However, during her first delivery, she had to deliver her pups by c-section, resulting in the vet accidentally cutting into her uterus. Her previous owner was devastated because it meant she could no longer continue to make money for him. He looked to us to provide her with her forever home since we had just lost our other Bully at the time. Khaleesi was overweight and kibble fed when we took her in.

Before RMF

Her breeder had her on “grain free” food because she had “allergies”. They also said she had allergies to Chicken and to stay clear of it. Shortly after we took her in, she began itching her ears to the point where they would swell up and bleed. We must’ve switched her kibble 10 times trying to find the perfect one. We also visited the vet on numerous occasions only to be given ear drops that would temporarily suppress the ear symptoms. But the problems kept returning.

Shortly after her ears started to bother her, she began to limp on her back right leg. She could no longer use it to run or jump and would hold it up slightly when she stood. We would have to pick her up to put her on the couch or into the car. She could not sit on her leg so she would put it straight out in front of her and sit on her hip. The vet thought it might be arthritis. He also wanted x-rays done but since it didn’t seem to cause her pain, we opted against it.

One day I took her for a walk. We didn’t change the distance or the speed of our walk that day. The only difference was we stopped at my sister’s house so Khaleesi could run around with her son for a few minutes. On the 5 block walk home, Khaleesi started to gasp for air and her tongue turned purple. Her eyes were so big and she was struggling so hard to breathe. I called my husband and he walked down the street to meet us and carried her home.

She ended up in the emergency room that night with what we call an $1800 vet bill. Basically, she was struggling so hard to breathe that she filled her stomach with air causing a giant gas bubble that took 5 technicians to decompress during surgery. She couldn’t get enough oxygen to her lungs which was basically suffocating her. I did all sorts of research and found out about a surgery these bullies can get to open their passage way, but we decided against it.

Khaleesi after starting on RMF

We stumbled upon RMF and decided to dive right in. That was in April of 2020. It has been amazing these past 2 years to watch her body and energy change! She now runs SUPER FAST, sometimes faster than our 2-year-old Chihuahuas! She’s enjoying daily walks and can jump better than she ever has. Her leg has not bothered her since she is now at a HEALTHY weight and her ears are doing great! We’re so thankful that we took the steps needed to give her LIFE again! We can’t express how grateful we are for RMF and only wish we would’ve discovered it sooner with our previous pack.

Jackie Martinez

khaleesi before
Do I have to pose for the camera?
khaleesi after
Ripped and ready!

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