More Corporatization Concerns in the Sick Pet Industry

Yesterday in my subscriber video I talked about the gag agreements that vets are having to sign. These agreements make saying “disparaging” things about the conglomerates that own their practices a sackable offense.  Isn’t it revealing that these corporations know that their employees will be saying bad things about them?  You’d think they’d have a better solution than to just threaten to can them.

An article addressing the same topic came across my Facebook feed this morning by Conor Brady of Dogs First.  His main worry seems to be the effect that increasing corporatization has on the demand for “natural” vets. The shortage of “natural” vets and their less profitable business model is a problem he asks his readers to cogitate on. 

Apparently, Dr. Brady doesn’t realize there’s another alternative available to almost every pet owner besides yet another so-called health professional to be dependent on.

Do “natural” vets have “solutions”?

Personally, I don’t see the increasing workloads of “natural” vets and the danger that they might implode as the problem here.  It’s not even PART of the problem.  Obviously, he and I do not see eye-to-eye on the need for the “natural” pet sickness sector to continue existing.  As I’ve shared many times, these so-called natural vets are nearly as misguided on the topic of proper feeding as the allopaths.  The ones that advocate raw feeding typically recommend fatty commercial grinds (aka “pink slime”) that do not resolve disease.  And they are just as focused on suppressing symptoms.  They just use slightly less toxic remedies that serve to keep causes forever undiscovered.  They can’t help people find out what’s CAUSING their dogs’ issues.  THIS is what empowers pet owners, not replacing one dependency with another.    

In my world, “natural” vets are basically good for two things – vaccination waivers and taper schedules (when dogs need to get off drugs).  

A better solution

For US, the pet-owning public, there’s only ONE solution and that is INDEPENDENCE from the entire sick pet industry.  Yes, the same solution I’ve been talking about for 20 years. Even before candy conglomerates and private equity firms started scooping up vet clinics.  Just walk away from the whole corporatized mess.  If you think that’s not possible, you might want to talk to the hundreds of RMF’rs whose dogs just seem to go years and decades without needing a vet.  If every pet was as healthy as they are, there would be ZERO corporate interest in veterinary medicine. 

By the way, when I tell people they can have NO vet and get along just fine (like I do), it doesn’t mean I wouldn’t avail myself of one if I have an emergency.  If vets attended mostly to injuries and trauma like they USED to do, and should STILL, corporatization would not be an issue.  That’s because there would be no lure of big money.  95% of a vet’s business is management of chronic disease.  Preventable, reversible, chronic disease. 

A cautionary tale

And speaking of corporate control over the conversations vets have with their clients, it might be relevant to share an experience a Canadian member in my Facebook group had recently.  She refused to allow the vet to administer the anti-nausea drug Cerenia to her un-vomiting dog.  So, the vet promptly got on the phone to Animal Control. She told the dog owner that a “new law” made this compulsory when a client refuses treatment.  The authorities actually took the call seriously and followed up, even though they are likely overwhelmed with real cases of animal abuse and neglect to deal with.  Bear in mind this dog owner had only taken the dog in for a suspected intestinal blockage.  Medical imaging is all she asked for.  Instead, she was subjected to lectures about what she chooses to feed him, unnecessary drug treatments, a hefty bill at the end and a visit from Animal Welfare authorities!   

We can expect more of the same, and the ONLY solution is for us to deprive this sick industry of its lifeblood ($$$).   

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