“My dog eats inedible objects”

Does your dog eat eat things that seem completely unrelated to food?  Many dogs do.  If you have a skilled forager in your household, you may be interested in this infographic that I found on an animal agriculture website.  It was intended to showcase the many and varied ways in which products from animal agriculture are used in everyday items.  It was part of an article called, “A Cow in My Marshmallow?” discussing how nothing goes to waste in the business of producing meat. 

Is it any wonder our dogs are confused about what to eat? Think about how sensitive a nose must be if it can smell meat from the other end of the house (like my cat & dog can).  It’s no problem for them to detect animal products even when they don’t look or smell like food to us humans.

When you put this together with a dog’s need to chew that is often frustrated and his/her inborn drive to always be on the hunt for food, you have an obstruction epidemic, among other unintended consequences.

dog eats inedible objects

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