My Fasting Experience

A few months ago I did an 18-day water fast at Tanglewood Wellness Center in Costa Rica.  While I was there, I was delighted to be able to spend some time with the resident cats, Diablo and Blanco.  They look slightly different from the cats here in the states, and their fur is coarse.  Although they were both lithe and slim, I noted their slightly protruding bellies.  I asked the director what he was feeding them and he said he was feeding them canned commercial cat food.  As a vegan, he expressed some reluctance to feed meat until I explained to him that he was already doing that in feeding commercial foods.  In fact it’s worse than feeding meat because the commercial pet food industry is just a way for the meat industry to make money from its waste.  And since commercial pet food creates disease, it has the undesired negative consequences of causing suffering to the animal and bestowing further power and enrichment on the vet industry.  This seemed to resonate with him, since he’s all about removing the causes of disease, and he said he would definitely work on transitioning his cats to a raw meat diet.  I sent him my 3-page essay which tells how to slowly and effectively transition cats, which I offer free of charge to anyone who’s interested (just email me).

In any event, since Loren is in the business of supervising fasts (and has been for 20 years), he regularly gets asked about what to feed pets, and whether they should be fasted.  He admitted that he didn’t know much about either topic, so we sat down at the end of my fast to make a 20 minute video.  It is posted on YouTube here.  If it raises questions or if you have experience with fasting or raw feeding you’d like to share, please feel free to leave a comment.

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