“Mystery Illness” in Dogs?

Recently one of my Facebook ‘friends’ shared an article about the new “mystery illness” in dogs. She said she was concerned about it, and asked if others were, too. Here’s what I wrote:

“Yes, I’m very concerned. But not because I think my healthy dog is going to contract some “mystery illness” from another dog.

I’m concerned that all this panic will drive gullible people to present their dogs for potentially deadly drug-based intervention.

I’m concerned that right now when we need all hands on deck to deal with the insane homeless dog situation caused by covid, shelters will be shutting down, incurring unnecessary costs trying to ‘battle’ invisible boogie men, turning dogs away and otherwise being distracted from what needs to be done.

Ι’m concerned that many financially strapped owners will surrender their dogs for euthanasia because of simple symptoms that are easily resolved with no intervention at all.

I’m concerned that more struggling pet-related businesses will die.

I’m concerned that dogs will be even more isolated from their own kind than they are now by their germ-phobic owners.

I’m concerned that the vaccine industry will invent yet another chemical cocktail with which to slowly poison pets.

And lastly, I’m concerned that all of this is really just a marketing campaign by the drug industry bent on creating new markets.”

If this last concern seems far-fetched, you should know that the pet sector has long been a popular, reliable dumping ground for “repurposing” stockpiled drugs. It offers only profit and no risk. And Big Drug is literally up to its beady little eyeballs in surplus drugs right now.

Why is there no risk? Because nobody sues vets for malpractice if their animal dies after drugs are administered. Most of the time, these events aren’t even “officially” connected to theιr fatal outcome, never mind reported to manufacturers. Instead in these situations, the disease always conveniently gets the blame. There are no “chemo” deaths, for example, only “cancer” deaths.

Too “conspiratorial” for you? Read on.

Last summer, we started hearing reports from Cyprus about a “mystery cat illness” that was afflicting its sizeable feral cat population. Then in October 2023, there were reports of Remdesivir, Molnupiravir and other surfeited covid drugs being used to “battle” the disease. Conveniently, these drugs have an expiration date of December 31, 2023 (still a few weeks away as I write this).

Please read these linked articles and remember the writer is someone who fully supports the pharma/virus narrative. But even he has very deep concerns that this is nothing but a drug dump.

Here’s another article that talks about the cost and dosage of covid drugs being used on the cats in Cyprus.

Is there a parallel?

It’s starting to look like the same thing is going on with this “mystery dog illness” if this news story is any indication. It’s a miracle! A failed, stockpiled covid drug just happens to “cure” the mystery dog disease! This vet tells us we must “keep an open mind.” I’m sure he means our minds must only be “open” enough to entertain using covid drugs on coughing dogs. But definitely NOT “open” enough to consider the causes of coughing and simply remove them.

This repackaging of known symptom complexes into “new” diseases requiring “new” treatments is not new in itself. It’s a device long used by the pharmaceutical industry to create new markets. Something similar was going on with AIDS and with the recent worldwide shut down. Flu magically became something else requiring not only new treatments, but an entirely new approach. Forcefully selling this idea to the masses greatly further empowered and enriched the sickness industry. Here are Drs. Mark Bailey and Kevin Corbett in a video discussing the “repackaging” of disease.

By the way, does anything jump out at you when you watch this video? It certainly does to me. The vet, the dog owner and the dog are all obese. I guess they haven’t read the CDC’s article about how obesity triples the chances of serious complications from respiratory disease. In the case of the unfortunate dog in the story, obesity coupled with a genetically-deformed respiratory system must be infinitely worse. But let’s not worry about that. It’s all about the drugs.

But wait … is there a “mystery illness” at all?

Dog owners are being told that a cough is the first sign of this “potentially deadly” disease. “What separates a regular cough from a cough that may herald a ‘mystery’ disease,” you may ask. Well, nothing. If you’ve read my article on kennel cough, you will know that in the vast majority of cases when it is diagnosed, absolutely NO testing is performed. That being the case, HOW can it be said that this new “mystery disease” differs from it at all?

Here’s what is leading to the conclusion that there’s a “mystery disease” afoot:

  1. The treatments that usually “work” with kennel cough do not “work” with this disease
  2. The duration of symptoms is longer than it typically is with kennel cough, and
  3. Many of the dogs exhibiting symptoms of this “new” illness are FULLY VACCINATED.

Let’s look at #1 and #2. Vets concede that they have no definitive hypothesis for the “cause” of kennel cough. It is said to be caused by any number of different microorganisms. This is very convenient, because then they always have an excuse for when antibiotics don’t “work.” And that happens more than you might think.

To illustrate, here’s what I found on a vet website for an Animal ER in Burlington, Vermont:

It’s “NOT UNUSUAL” for these symptoms to persist with antibiotic treatment! I rest my case.

And by the way, that was written in 2013. In my research, I made sure to go back farther than summer of 2023 to see what was said previously about the typical duration of kennel cough. Now that Pharma is trying to sell this new mystery illness scare, everything written recently aims to turn every persistent cough into the “mystery illness”.

So, there is no difference between garden variety kennel cough and the “mystery illness” if failure of antibiotic therapy and duration of symptoms are the “evidence” being used.

How about #3? Well, that can’t establish distinction either because the vet industry has always had that problem. The MOST they can say about the bordatella vaccine is that it “helps to decrease the overall number and severity of infections.” Obviously relative to this “new” disease, vets are simply assuming that fully vaxxed dogs can’t possibly have Kennel Cough. How many dogs have presented with coughing in the past but have NOT been diagnosed with Kennel Cough because they were vaxxed? Is THAT why there’s “decreased” incidence of this disease in vaccinated dogs? The stats are only based on reporting by vets, after all.

Flawed Studies

And remember, the studies that are done proving the “effectiveness” of bordatella, like all other vaccines, are based on “challenging” a dog by exposing him to aerosols that contain the supposed boogie man! If the dog does not become “infected,” the vaccine is said to “work.”

The problem with that is that, unbelievably, there are absolutely ZERO legitimate studies showing that these kinds of experiments result in being able to “infect” ANYONE, dog or human. Every time this has been attempted, it has failed. Here’s a very long list of these failed studies. If you prefer, here’s a recent video about one of these, carried out by several medical doctors in the early part of the 20th century.

The Damage

There are many possible negative consequences to this manufactured scare besides the ones I listed above. And so far, nobody seems to be worried about them. I’ve not seen ONE other voice of suspicion being raised about anything surrounding this story. Only gullible acceptance and panic, just like the drug industry wants and expects.

Stop being afraid!

You don’t have to avoid dog parks and doggy daycare. You don’t have to go along with this pharma-generated nonsense. Even if your dog DOES get a cough, you are ENTIRELY capable of understanding what caused it. And, thanks to RMF, you are also fully empowered to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT that actually works: REMOVE ITS CAUSES. A cough is the body’s effort to expectorate waste by enlisting the mucus membranes of the respiratory tract. It is NOT caused by microorganisms. All that is needed is for the body’s waste burden to be attended to! Thinking that microorganisms are to blame effectively hands your power over to the drug industry and its lackeys in veterinary medicine. That’s why this idea forms the very foundation of the medical and veterinary industries.

If you’re interested in learning more, here’s a clip from one of my recent Q&A videos, in which I discuss some of the above facts.

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2 thoughts on ““Mystery Illness” in Dogs?”

  1. Curious JoJo

    I am very appreciative of your blog and your boldness.
    I am along the same lines if thought and belief.
    My dogs are fed a raw primal diet.
    I do not take them to the vet except for emergencies.
    Unfortunately, I have a dog that tends to be too curious for her own good at times….Mainly in the summer.

    It is always on a hope and a prayer when we must take her to be checked out ….That they will treat her if needed due to our lack of vaccine history.
    Thankfully, they always have and of course we always get the lecture.
    Then, we run out of there ASAP.

    Are there any online vets or alternatives to get help for such mishaps as our curious dog tends to be prone to.
    Our scariest issue at this point is, our girl has been stung enough times that I am afraid she is gonna need an intervention the next time. We keep Beneadryl with us and her at all times.

    Where can we find the support needed without being possibly denied the acute care in the emergency?

  2. ho avuto tramite la mia adorata cagnolina una prova vera di queste nefaste e infami collegamenti tramite il veterinario conseuto e le strutture sanitarie corrotte tramite i richiami di più vaccini per qualcosa di inesistente siamo riusciti con un intervento immediato a recuperarla dalla quasi morte, queste falsta’ che oggi posiamo ben definire come crimini contro l’umanita’ adesso si sono spostate sugli animali, non ne avevano abbastanza con le vive sezioni
    cordiali saluti

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