No Middle Ground on Vaccines

I’m republishing this essay in honor of the recent media and legislative pushes by Big Drug to force its vile concoctions (aka vaccines) on those of us who have their game figured out and want no part of it.  If they are successful in their efforts, we will all soon be treated to mandatory vaccination — humans, dogs, cats and the entirety of domesticated Mammalia.  I suppose if they can find a way to make wild animals pay for vaccines, they will be stabbing them with needles as well.  Oh, wait, they already do that.  Unfortunately, those animals only pay with their consequent loss of vitality; you and I are actually footing the bill.  Read to the end if you have a special interest in the manufactured boogie man called “Parvo”.

Recently, I participated in a discussion on a cat forum about the pros and cons of micro-chipping.  One of the “cons” was that chipping is thought by some to cause or contribute to cancer.  Personally, I’ve been sitting the fence on micro-chipping, but not because I think it causes cancer.  It doesn’t.  Cancer is a progressive, systemic, complicated disease that takes much more causing than simply implanting a tiny foreign object into the flesh.  Overall, I think chipping may actually offer more benefits than disadvantages for cats that are allowed to roam.

That is, with the possible exception of those belonging to the unfortunate people living in municipalities where chipping is being used by government to enforce vaccination compliance.  This is something I wasn’t aware of before this discussion.  Thankfully it hasn’t happened yet in the community where I live, although I’m sure it’s being planned.  However, this represents a very good argument against microchipping, and I stated so on the forum.

Of course this led to the inevitable contentious discussion of vaccination of pets in general, because those who are in favor of it typically have very little tolerance for dissent, even if it’s only mentioned in passing.

It occurs to me that I haven’t written much here about vaccination, so I wanted to take this opportunity to share part of that discussion.  Now that government has partnered with industry to relieve us of our choices in this and many other matters, there is some risk involved in speaking out against it.  So I understand why some people choose not to.  For myself, I could be scared away from speaking the truth.  I have to think it’s safe for now, however, because the people who support vaccination and profit from it are just too big to care about squeaky little mice like me.

After I let it be known in the discussion that I felt vaccination of pets enforcement was a good reason not to microchip, the moderator of the list wrote that she could “never appreciate the dismay of people who’s (SIC) cats had died from diseases easily prevented by regular vaccination”.  Meaning, evidently, that anybody who chooses not to vaccinate pretty much deserves to watch their animals die of “contagious” and preventable illness.

In my reply, I decided to not pussy-foot around since my days on the cat forum were obviously numbered anyway:

It’s an understatement to say that the truth of this matter will seem foreign to some, but for the sake of those whose minds have not yet been enslaved by the medical view of disease, I will say it anyway:  No  presumably deadly disease was ever prevented by vaccination.  Vaccination is entirely and wholly irredeemable in concept and in practice.  That governments, educational systems, industries and entire populations believe and teach otherwise is a testament to the human capacity for wishful thinking, propagandizing, rationalizing, story making and belief (as opposed to knowledge).

There is a whole explanation of the true causes of disease and what vaccines do when they *appear* to prevent sickness that we never hear.  This explanation takes everything we know about nature into account and makes all the pieces fit together, unlike the theory of contagion, which is full of holes and lapses of logic.  The real causes of disease are ignored by doctors and vets when they go looking for microscopic scapegoats and proclaim that their poisons would have been able to prevent disease.  No dog or cat ever died because it was not vaccinated, yet millions have died prematurely due to the long-term harmful effects of vaccines.

I remember what it was like to hear these ideas for the first time, 22 years ago.  I was amazed and intrigued, but I was not ready to hear them as they conflicted with what I wanted to believe at the time.  So I forgot about them for another 10 years or so until I happened upon them in a different context.  This time, they found fertile ground in my mind and at that point I had a lot of work to do, re-thinking everything I thought I had known about sickness.  It’s scary to learn the truth, but there are a lot of perks, too.  Among other things, it puts control for our lives and those of our animals back in our hands instead of disinterested (or, worse, financially invested) third parties.  I wouldn’t exchange that freedom for any happy delusion.

And, with that, I was promptly and unceremoniously kicked out of the cat forum.  Such is the near-unanimity enjoyed by the practice of vaccination of pets at present, in this so-called age of enlightenment.

As I said in my subject line, there is no middle ground on the issue of vaccination.  You either know the truth and reject all attempts to reconcile it with story-making, or you’re enabling the scam to continue.  Constructive disease, the only kind that is thought to be “infectious”, and the only kind that vaccination purports to “prevent”, is never, ever caused by microscopic life forms.  This type of disease is a safety valve, put in place during the long biological history of mammalian life on this planet, to protect against the cumulative effects of harmful influences.  When vaccination appears to “work”, one of three possibilities exists:  Either statistics are being misused to make it look like the vaccine is responsible for a disease’s natural decline, OR, the set of symptoms allegedly “eradicated” has been renamed so it looks like the previous one no longer exists, OR enough of the people who were vaccinated were so devitalized by the new poisons (the vaccine) that their bodies could not engage the symptoms required to expel accumulated waste.  When the symptoms of constructive illness are stopped — whether through vaccination, remedies, or both — wastes only continue to accumulate until chronic disease sets in.  When the body is prevented from using its emergency devices, the fall will only be harder when it comes.  That’s why those who give in to medical treatments like vaccination seem to have spiraling chronic health problems, and it’s why dogs and cats are increasingly subject to the same degenerative conditions that plague humans.

Recently I’ve been noticing how feverishly the vaccine industry is working to counter all the independent thinking that people are finally beginning to do with regard to vaccination.  At every drug store, giant signs entreat passersby to get their flu shots, and in one pharmacy I noticed large glossy color photos of Shingles breakouts had been placed under the glass on the checkout counter.  There was an article in the news last week about a hospital back east that had to fire 150 employees for not getting their flu shots.  And yesterday, I received an email warning that there is currently a Parvo “outbreak” in the state of Washington.  “SEVEN cases have been reported.  Make sure your dog is vaccinated!”  Seven is an outbreak?  How many millions of dogs live in Washington State?  Please.   Besides that, are we expected to believe that all seven of these unfortunate dogs were UNvaccinated?  I have no way of knowing whether they were or not, of course, but it seems rather like a long shot that all seven were not, vaccination being the accepted norm among pet owners that it is.  Incidentally, here’s the list of the symptoms of Parvo:

  • lethargy
  • significant weight loss
  • fever
  • vomiting
  • dehydration
  • foul smelling, bloody diarrhea

Does it occur to anyone that these are the primary symptoms of at least a dozen other diseases?  It may cause some to wonder what determines a diagnosis of Parvo, anyway.  I’ll tell you.  It depends on whether a certain spent cellular protein (that’s what a virus is) is found in the blood of the afflicted.  If it is, this little harmless piece of cellular debris is declared to be the cause of the disease.  If it is not found, the misguided health practitioner goes looking for another lame and unrelated scapegoat to blame, usually some bacterium or other microscopic innocent bystander.  All the while, the real causes are ignored.

The dire warning tells us that Parvo is “extremely contagious”.  Really?  Then why do we have only 7 cases?  Why is this disease not running rampant not only among wild dogs, but among the unvaccinated homeless dogs that inhabit rural areas of the state in the thousands, and among those who belong to people who can’t afford shots or forego them for other reasons?

I can guarantee one thing, and that is that all seven of those unfortunate dogs were fed commercial pet food or were otherwise not properly fed.  Death-dealing commercial foods are the real cause of “Parvo” and that’s why the vet industry loves to recommend them, and even makes it their business to take an official stand against proper feeding (see previous blog post on the AVMA’s position paper opposing raw feeding).  What would destroy them quicker than if all dog owners knew the truth about how to keep their dogs sickness-free?

Best wishes, Nora

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7 thoughts on “No Middle Ground on Vaccines”

  1. My dog had to be put down yesterday. He had a very bad night the night before. He was overvaxxed and had taken Bravecto and Tri-Heart plus for a few years, before I knew anything about the drug and vaccine side effects. I live in a state where you must give a rabies vaccine and you can’t get your dog groomed without it. My dog had hair…he had to be groomed. I had not had a dog in 15 years. Back then my dog was vaccinated, but not as many or as often. He lived 14.5 years. We got our sweet Quincy at a rescue in 2015. We took him to Banfield because they had a wellness plan that included teeth cleaning and he had bad teeth at age 4 (estimated age. He may have been a bit older, we don’t know for sure.) The staff was incompetent. I started complaining a few years ago about him all of a sudden starting to get stressed in the crate. At 1st it was after a few hours, then it progressed to immediately within a week or 2. He would bark for hours the 2 times a week we had to leave him, one night for 3 hours and sunday for 5. He would soaking wet from barking and he would dig in the crate. He actually kept his front nails filed by doing this. Then he started licking his toys, then his one paw, then progressed to the other, then to his legs. He never scratched himself, like he was itchy. Lately he was so stressed that he couldn’t go to sleep until him calmed himself by licking. He got a pot belly. His hair started to thin on his back. His elbows got dark and dry, He started losing most of the hair on his tail. I complained of his excessive hunger and eating the willow flowers that fell from the tree in spring, then he started obsessively eating dirt. They actually laughed. They had no idea it was a symptom because they never put the symptoms together and figured it might be high cortisol? Even after we tried EVERYTHING for stress, including a drug? After a few years we finally got a vet who had many years under her belt. SHE listened and did a cortisol test January 2020. She said it was high. In August she checked it again and it was higher. But she also gave him a lyme vaccine. She took what I said along with the test results and decided it was probably cushings. The test to make sure would be torture for him. He had lost his hearing in the last 2 years and we had no idea until he was almost totally deaf. I looked up the treatment for cushings and no way was he getting that so I didn’t need the test. We started detoxing him with zeolite in September 2020. We ran out in early March. He was losing more hair, his skin was getting dry, (he also had started to get warts last year). So I wanted to get a product especially for cushings. They were out of stock. He had gotten the fatty hump on his back and his front elbows were abducting. He seemed confused at times, just standing there looking. He had stopped wanting to go for walks last year. We just thought it was his age. He was 9. Lately his bowl function slowed. He didn’t always go after dinner. Sometimes he went late at night or in the morning. We thought he was getting dehydrated despite drinking a lot of water. He never had bladder issues because we had him on a lot of supplements. We put him on bladder support years ago because he had one UTI and peed in the house and freaked himself out because he couldn’t control it. He was so afraid he did something wrong. He never had a bladder issue again, despite cushings causing bladder issues. We had him taking milk thistle, probiotics, flax and glandular support for years and had recently changed the flax to flax lignans and added melatonin. We were giving him some colloidal silver the last month or so. I finally had ordered the cushings supplements Sunday because they were back in stock. (They came today. I have to send them back.) He started to have a tremor in his leg while sleeping Monday night after 11pm. He was then panting more than usual. Then threw up a little. Then the rest of his dinner, partially digested. His heart rate was too fast. We could tell he was uncomfortable laying and something was hurting somewhere. He was extremely stressed. ER vets were out…nobody in my house could get approved for $4000 care credit. We have been affected financially by covid and are maxed out on credit cards. So I stayed up all night and fed him Colloidal silver via dropper. He would lick it. He would sleep some, then wake up panting severely. We were planning on taking him to a new vet very soon….the only holistic vet in the area, since he was due for a visit. I called them and they were booked. I called another place and we took him there. He laid in the back seat with me and there was no panting at all. He slept. He laid on the floor and didn’t pant once in the waiting room. On the table he laid there and slept and didn’t move. They kept him to do IV fluids and get a blood test. I didn’t like leaving him because he had been abandoned and that’s how he wound up with us. A sick deaf velcro dog dropped off at a strange vet is going to think “she left me”. That hurt me so bad. The doc called and said he had been depressed all afternoon, despite the girls being in the area. She said his liver function was so high it didn’t register on the machine, even after diluting the sample 4 times. She said he needed 24 hour care in a hospital and even after however long it took his quality of life was not going to be good. She said we should NOT just take him home because he could go downhill very fast. She said he could have a tumor on the adrenals or maybe the liver or gall bladder. But without tests we don’t know exactly what. (I don’t think she wanted to do more tests. She knew he was not going to live long. She knew my daughter was using her college money to pay for all oft this.) I handed the phone to my vet tech student daughter who had JUST started working at that vet office 3 days prior and I was already crying hysterically. We had to put him down. Paying hundreds for tests….and make him have to endure all of this longer…without us there, for what? What if he died alone and depressed? I couldn’t live with myself if that happened. We went right over. The fluids did him a lot of good. He no longer looked confused from being dehydrated. When they carried him in, in the blanket, and he saw us, he perked up. You could see it on his face! He was so happy to see his pack. He even wagged his tail and we got that on video. He was concerned for us, because even daddy was crying. He could tell we were grieving. But that wag said to us,”I’m just happy to see you. It’s ok. I know you love me.” Laying with his head and shoulders up and that wag took soooooo much out of him. He was so tired. His eyes were starting to get heavy. Then they gave him a sedative, and he started to fall asleep with me stroking his long haired beautiful soft ears.Then he got the other shot. And my world came to a crashing halt. He was gone. He was my pal,my velcro dog. My service dog after PTSD from a car accident. I got over my PTSD. I was his service human in the end. I had no idea his end was coming this soon. I would have been more patient with him when he was bugging me to go out JUST to eat dirt with his ravenous appetite. He was a bit slower the last week, but he still ate his food and all his snacks. (his Glandex made into tiny balls.) We gave him his snack wrapped in a blanket so he had to find the pieces. It gave him something to do. And he wagged the whole time. He had his snack Monday night and was ok before all heck broke loose. We had no idea it could happen this fast. My daughter is in vet tech school, so she can work with animals. She was deciding if it was worth all the years and money for vet school. Knowing our dog died because vets are as dooped by big pharma as MDs, she said,” I’m going to vet school. Pets shouldn’t have to die from vaccinations and poisons in things that are marketed as healthcare. I don’t care how long it takes or how much it costs. ” That’s my girl. The anger from this tragedy is going to save thousands of pets. She may even teach one day. She is an awesome tutor now for chemistry and biology, and is the most requested tutor at the college she works for. The girl is highly intelligent. 4.04 in high school and straight As her 1st year in college, and 1st semester of her 2nd year. She is in her 2nd semester 2nd year now. The girl is amazing. She took awesome care of our dog.

    1. Your experience is very typical and so unnecessary and preventable. Your daughter’s heart is in the right place for sure, but very few people come through the extremely mentally taxing process of higher medical education with their sensibilities intact. The closer she can remain to the WILD MODEL, i.e., to remember what dogs eat in the wild — the entire bodies of very lean prey animals and fruits during prey scarcity — the more good she will do. Nature is the only objective teacher we have and far wiser than any of those professors she’ll be listening to. The education system exists to prop up industry, not to churn out professionals who will put themselves out of business by teaching people how to avoid them! Of all the crazy assumptions people have about the veterinary establishment, the craziest one is that these graduated drug sellers know anything about health. Widespread health among dogs would mean a quick death to the veterinary establishment. That’s an important reality to remember. I’m sorry for your experience with your dog.

  2. Wow I’m absolutely speechless.. I’ve known for yrs vaccines were bad and only harmed us as well as our dogs but you went into such detail as to why, that I couldn’t stop reading. I’m shouting this from the rooftops for sure. Thanks so much I’m so hoping my mom and sister will listen now…

  3. Meanwhile – all the schools for Vets still have the OLD PROTOCOL established in their curriculum – even though in his interview he clearly states that after their baby shots are given – protection stays with them for life and any other vaccination after that – just keeps building up in their system and they get all kinds of diseases from the “built up”. Go figure.

  4. NORA! I can’t thank you enough for all your BRILLIANT advice when I got Jemma almost 9 years ago. SHE HAS NEVER BEEN SICK – EVER! I sincerely wanted to know the truth about feeding her and I feel honored to have found you just in the neck of time! She only had her baby shots and the one year rabies – but never another one ever. I found YOU! I heard a discussion from the man who wrote the BOOK on vaccinations for all VETERINARIANS admit he was WRONG! THANK YOU NORA! This is the man WHO originally TOLD Vets that yearly vaccinations were a must. His own pets and his children’s pets follow his NEW protocol. Interesting! You nailed it sister! No one is touching my girl! Thank you again and again!

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