On the Origins of Veterinary Medicine

Almost everyone I talk to about the fatally conflicted interests of the veterinary medical profession says, “it’s just like the human medical system”. Well, of course it is, I think to myself. And why shouldn’t it be? Veterinary medicine came into existence, at least in its modern form, after the system it was modeled on, pharma-based medicine. It is extremely important to understand that not only doctors make grave mistakes in their approach to health, but veterinary professionals too. And so much more.

Many people now agree that the wholly destructive medical paradigm begs dumping in the ocean, as the great Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr., once said, and he was only talking about human medicine.

Just like medical doctors, modern vets have pretty much morphed into drug reps. There are aspects of veterinary medicine that cause it to be more of a grope in the dark than human medicine.

The Importance of Communication

For one thing, the patients of vets can’t talk to them. They can’t tell vets how they’re feeling, whether the medication they’re taking is making them feel worse than the symptom did, nor any of the other valuable feedback that doctors rely on their patients to give them. If all of this isn’t important information, why is it common for a doctor to ask, “How are you feeling?” and “How is that new medication working for you?” during an office call?

Now none of this is news, of course; we all know that dogs and cats can’t talk. In what way should this affect how we approach sickness in them, or should it affect it at all? Should it cause us to err on the side of MORE medicating, or LESS? Is anyone even asking that question? With so many medications causing so much inadvertent death and suffering in humans, shouldn’t it mean that we need to be MORE cautious when medicating patients who can’t talk to us? The PROPER use of medications is now the #3 highest cause of mortality in the US. Right behind cancer and heart disease. That does not include mis-combined medications, malpractice, or medical errors. That’s only prescribed use. What this means for me is that it is FAR more important to use the LEAST toxic means to approach sickness in dogs and cats.

I’ve had enough personal experience with how bad pharmaceutical drugs can mess up an already bad situation to know that they never solve anything, even when they “work” to suppress a symptom. The fact is, they have made life nearly unbearable for thousands of humans who can TALK about how they feel and stop taking the pills if they want to. Dogs and cats don’t have that option. It’s the owners who get to decide whether or not the drugs are given. Many times all the evidence they have that it SHOULD be given is the advice of some fatally conflicted professional who was taught by a system bent on selling drugs as its #1 mandate.

If owners KNEW how badly the drugs were making their animals feel, they’d have a BETTER reason to NOT administer the drugs. I think it bears assuming that in a large percentage of cases, the drugs make them feel worse than the symptom did.

I shudder to think about all the dogs on medications that are known to drive people to suicide. We humans don’t realize what a luxury it is to have escape as an option.

Nutritional Gaslighting

Another unique distinction that makes veterinary medicine problematic is how it and its sister industry, commercial pet food, exploit the anatomical differences between humans and dogs to their enormous advantage. These differences allow them to make absurd claims about canine nutrition and expect that dog owners will accepted them. People have a lot less inherent knowledge about canine nutrition than they do about human nutrition. So, they tend to trust veterinary nutrition “experts” and allow these “experts” to bamboozle them.

As I pointed out in a recent video where I and another natural hygenist criticiqued the claims of a ‘board-certified’ veterinary nutritionist, ideas that the dog owning public unquestioningly accepts, have long been known to not work in humans. Ideas like processed food being superior to whole, real foods. That we don’t need to avoid chemical additives to foods. Also, that “enriching” foods with fractionated nutrients is the same as eating these same nutrients in real food. That it’s possible to produce a perfect, shelf-stable food that we can eat healthfully to the exclusion of all others. And many more.

As amazingly ignorant as human medical doctors are on the subject of nutrition, there’s not a single one in the world that would dare suggest to a patient that eating the same packaged, shelf-stable food for their entire life would be a healthful thing to do! And yet, without fail, dog owners hear this abject nonsense every time they visit the vet.

There is one positive note. That is that the costs of veterinary intervention have not skyrocketed like those of human medicine. One reason is because there is less involvement by “insurance” interests. Although that is changing and costs are going up accordingly.

The Roots of “Profit Above All Else”

All of this is to say that veterinary medicine not only shares its roots with modern pharma-based medicine, it is even more misguided. Without even considering those aspects that put veterinary medicine at a fundamental disadvantage, it is very important for dog owners to understand that modern medicine in general did not develop organically. In other words, the way they practice medicine today did not evolve as a consequence of objective investigation and discovery of the most effective methods. Quite the contrary! In fact, if a person WANTED to direct an industry AWAY from effectiveness and TO something quite destructive and harmful, they could hardly improve on what was accomplished by those parties that manipulated medicine into the profit-centered enterprise it is today.

Who Led Medicine Away from “Do No Harm”?

There was a time, in the US and most other countries as well, when people relied solely on much less harmful forms of medicine like herbalism, naturopathy and homeopathy. None of these methodologies employs the correct approach, which is to identify CAUSES and remove them. At least they do much less additional harm than the petroleum-based methods used by modern medicine.

You don’t often find the words “petroleum” and “medicine” in the same sentence. As it turns out they connect tightly. That’s because the magnates who made money in the petroleum industry at the end of the 19th century couldn’t satisfy themselves with the more obvious uses for petroleum products. These powerful moguls brought their aspirations for wealth expansion into the “health” field, to the immeasurable detriment of humanity everywhere. One such rich guy, or more accurately rich family, in fact the primary directors of all this mayhem, was Rockefeller.

If this is all news to you, it may be difficult to understand how one person or even one family could wield such power. Since it is widely known, well-documented information, however, it’s easy to find out the truth. A search on the phrase “how Rockefeller changed medicine” brings up lots of articles. All basically with the same story of how profiteers overtook medicine. If you’re like me and appreciate a good video more than the written equivalent, here’s a good one on the subject:

Sickness is Profitable for Profiteers. Death is Not.

I do have a caveat about this documentary, and that is in regard to the conclusion that its producer/narrator, James Corbett, reached. Mr. Corbett seems to think that the Rockefellers had as their ultimate aim the end of all humanity, and invokes such concepts as “eugenics” and “depopulation” to partially account for their interest in the medical field. Unfortunately, these ideas have gained some traction in the alternative information stream. However, personally, I haven’t seen any evidence whatsoever that the powerful people who are running our world want humanity gone. The human population has done nothing but increase steadily since the beginning of modern civilization.

On the other hand, sickness is all but ubiquitous. It makes no sense that those who amass fortunes and power from causing and encouraging sickness in humans really just want us all wiped from the face of the earth. It’s our very existence and our willing and, increasingly, UNwilling participation in their monstrous system that gives them what they cherish most – money and control.

So, with that little warning in mind, enjoy the video. And remember what you learn the next time you visit a vet.

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