Pearl is a boxer pit bull mix that I adopted at 8 weeks. She is now 13 glorious years of age.

Before RMF

Pearl is my pet therapy dog, and we also do nose work trials together. I fed her what I thought was top dollar commercially processed dog food. After having fixed her knee, she started limping again and we found through X-Rays that she had SEVERE hip dysplasia. It was her hips that were affecting her knees. I was devastated.

I promptly researched ‘how to heal hip dysplasia” and found Nora’s book on Rotational MonoFeeding.

Pearl after starting RMF

I started Pearl right away at the age of 4. She is now 13 and still rocking along. Pearl has had to have no surgery, no medications, nothing! All she has been on for the last 9 years is RMF and her hips are fine!

Pearl can jump up on the couch, jump up on my bed, chase the ball, go hiking for 2 miles and with no pain or medication. She can almost outrun my new dog Tofu who is 2 and can come out of nowhere and catch that ball. I do not know too many dogs that can outrun Tofu! She still volunteers and we are preparing for a new nose work trial this Spring.

There is NO DOUBT in my mind that the RMF saved her quality of life and mine too. I encourage all of you to start and or continue this diet. Thank you, Nora from the bottom of my heart.

pearl after

Julie Kay Locke and Pearl 2022

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