Proper Human Diet

Some of you visiting this page might have seen this video before. I wanted to post it in case it slipped by anyone. I made it with a couple friends a few months ago and was just listening to it again today. It occurred to me what great information it contains that is applicable to DOGS. The video is all about the proper human diet, but the basic underlying principles remain the same as we apply them to dogs. Not only that, but Lauren Whiteman, RMF Community moderator and dog rehabber extraordinaire, also shares some of her experiences with using a biologically appropriate diet, and ONLY that, to return dogs to a state of health.

This hour and 50 minutes has so much valuable, self-evident, insightful, truthful info on the proper human diet ! Listen and be enriched! Such gems do not often cross one’s path!

Btw an hour and 50 minutes might be too long to sit and watch a video. Consider downloading an app that will convert YouTube videos into MP3s that you can play anywhere, even while driving (that’s what I do). My favorite app for this is MediaHuman YouTube to MP3 (MediaHuman does NOT pay me for this endorsement :)). This video is almost all audio so it lends itself well to listening only.

Enjoy and please comment either here or on YouTube if you feel so inspired.

What is the Natural Diet of Humans?

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