Q&A with Nora 2023

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January Q&A Videos with Nora

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Q&A 01/27/23

  • How important is exercise for dogs?
  • Is there any reason to ever vaccinate a dog?
  • Are turkey necks ok for a small dog?
  • Can dogs eat oysters?
  • My dog doesn’t beg anymore! Was it physiological or behavioral?
  • When vets deliberately ignore positive results from proper feeding
  • Does RMF allow the use of medications in some situations?
  • Are genetic issues genetic and can they cause organ disease?
  • Differences in how RMF is approached by those who use it

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Q&A 01/20/23

  • What I’ve been feeding my dog for the last 2 months
  • Some legitimate reasons why someone would want to exclude cooked foods from their dog’s diet
  • Why I included cooked foods in RMF
  • Do wolves eat porcupines or hedgehogs?https://homeandroost.co.uk/blog/do-foxes-eat-hedgehogs/
  • What’s wrong with the term “overvaccination”?
  • Is withdrawal similar to what people call “sugar cravings” they get when they eat the “keto” diet?
  • A raw feeding demo video that went overboard with “sanitation” rituals
  • How long does it take for a dog to “detox”?
  • What’s wrong with Himalayan Yak Chews for dogs?
  • What does it mean when noises come from the stomach of a dog?
  • Is it ok to feed meat that is 2 weeks past the pull date?
  • What’s a good conservative rotation for a rescued dog with Cushings?

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Q&A 01/13/23

  • The importance of ‘following’ only those health ‘experts’ who have done their homework
  • Deer eating a wolf’s bones?! (Video posted on the Voyageur Wolves Page)
  • Three reasons why it’s not wise to exclude cooked foods for possible inclusion in a dog’s diet
  • Can I exclude meat for awhile if I notice it causes symptoms in my dog?
  • Some reasons that boiling is not the best cooking method
  • An explanation of why symptoms can be caused by a stressful environment
  • What are some RMF approved chew toys?
  • More discussion on the possible causes of bloat
  • Are there things we should have on hand if we have a bloat prone dog?
  • What can be done for a 14 year old cat with sudden behavioral problems that may be physiological?
  • My dogs are hunting hedgehogs, unfortunately; can they eat them?

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Q&A 01/06/23

  • Info on searching the RMF website
  • Is it ok if dogs eat clumps of mown grass?
  • How to pick a rotation
  • How to know when to tweak the diet
  • Is there any evidence that meat causes bodily acidity in dogs like it does in humans?
  • Can a dog with advanced disease heal on an all meat diet?
  • Why do cats seem to always die of kidney failure?
  • What temperature should food be fed at?
  • Dealing with fleas
  • What info from the PMR community can we use in RMF?
  • Are antlers appropriate as chew toys?
  • The way “Terrain Theory” is being misrepresented and misused by “holistic” practitioners