Q&A with Nora 2023

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December Q&A Videos with Nora

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Q&A 12/30/23

  • Congrats to the winners of the Christmas printed (extremely limited edition) book raffle
  • An interesting experience that was had by a member this week involving a swallowed wooden skewer
  • An update on my wild scrap acquiring adventures
  • A tip for discouraging poop eating
  • The costs and benefits of gradual transition in dogs vs. humans
  • Information on hair loss in dogs and what we might be able to do about it
  • An article that illustrates the hypocrisy of vets with regard to obesity in humans and dogs
  • NPR report on “vaccine hesitancy in pets” (to be covered next week due to technical issues)
  • Can I feed dried fruit to my dogs?
  • Is RMF responsible for my intact female having more frequent seasons?
  • Recommendations for a new RMF’r for her 16 and 6 year old dogs
  • Can I feed raw lobster to my dogs?
  • Can I feed discarded fat from my dog’s meat to wild animals?
  • Troubleshooting for an owner whose dog recently started licking paws
  • What’s the correct ratio of chicken legs to necks if those foods are fed exclusively

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Q&A 12/23/23

  • Reminder that the Christmas promo (free printed book) raffle will happen tomorrow
  • Preview of my future commentary on pet “vaccine hesitancy” as reported by National Public Radio
  • Why shouldn’t we feed fermented vegetables to our dogs?
  • Can I feed just meat and fruit without including veggies in my dog’s diet?
  • Some possible solutions for a 2-year old dog still experiencing symptoms after 2 years on RMF
  • Can dogs eat pork chops with bones?
  • Can dogs eat green fruit which has fallen from the tree?
  • How should I feed a newly adopted dog who has been treated with vaccines and parasite preventatives?
  • My dog just turned one and I want to know if I should add another plant day to her rotation

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Q&A 12/16/23

  • What is salmonella exactly? A disease or an organism?
  • Is it ok to feed the fat on wild deer meat to dogs and if not, why not?
  • Of all the holiday foods we’re warned not to feed our dogs, which ones are legitimately harmful?
  • Clarification on how to implement a one day per week maintenance fast
  • What kind of bones are appropriate for an 8-pound dog?
  • Is it possible to feed a giant breed puppy in such a way as to slow down excessive growth?
  • If bacteria are pleomorphic, do they represent an exception? Do other species “morph?” Video of bacteria changing in real time
  • Should RMF puppies from RMF parents be wormed just like conventionally bred puppies?
  • What are the causes of black skin disease (“hyperpigmentation”) in dogs?
  • MORE revealing information on the “mystery canine illness”
  • Covid drug used for “mystery illness”

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Q&A 12/06/23

  • Interview with member who reversed MMM in her dog to be released Saturday, Dec. 9
  • A bit of info about YouTube ad blockers
  • Are cucumbers good for dogs and should they be peeled?
  • When will my dog’s vaccine lump go away?
  • Information on fatty lipomas
  • Why would a dog that has been on RMF for many years get a UTI?
  • Can RMF heal spay incontinence?
  • If a dog is suddenly in pain with no apparent reason, should s/he be taken to the vet?
  • An update on the unfortunate overmedicated Rottie
  • And update on the member’s dog that encountered a paralysis tick
  • What are your thoughts on wheat grass juice for dogs?
  • Some commentary on Dogs Naturally Magazine’s video on how much fat should be fed to dogs