Q&A with Nora 2023

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June Q&A Videos with Nora

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Q&A 06/03/23

  • Follow up on diet and carcinogen research
  • Commentary on mono feeding and how it differs from what we hear from notritionists
  • Skinniness vs. symptoms, the ongoing RMF dilemma
  • Is it normal for a dog to release anal gland contents?
  • If my dog pukes melon should I stop feeding it?
  • Is it normal for my dog’s stomach to make squealing noises?
  • Will my dog’s chronic vomiting cause dental erosion?
  • Is 12 hours long enough between a meat meal and a plant meal?
  • What should I do about a cat with kidney disease that refuses raw food?
  • When is detox “triggered” and is that an accurate word to describe it?
  • Information in the trade off for using remedies and whether this is justified when trying to get a dog off drugs.
  • Should my dog be vaccinated for rabies if his titers are low?