October Q&A Videos with Nora

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Q&A 10/21/23

  • Announcement: Next week’s Q&A will be held on Wednesday (Nov. 1) for that week only
  • Please contact me if you are in Western Washington and are interested in venison bones
  • Would chicken feet be a good daily chew for a small dog?
  • When feeding melon instead of other plant foods, should I feed the same amount?
  • I have access to bison bones and heart. What should I ask for?
  • Can I feed my dog the leftover pulp from my juicing?
  • Is it true that sugar feeds “bad pathogens” like yeast and bacteria?
  • What should I do if my dog has yeast issues?
  • Does Benadryl help a dog that has had a bad reaction to a parvo vaccine?
  • What’s a good alternative to Revolution for heartworm prevention?
  • My dog’s been on RMF his whole life (11 years) and still has an issue that’s unresolved. What should I do?
  • How should I prep meals for my dog when I leave him with a boarder during vacations?
  • Is it important to only feed plant treats on plant days?
  • Since chicken breasts and thighs are not good for dogs, what parts of the chicken are good?
  • Can I feed my dog coconut products like coconut water, coconut yogurt and coconut meat?
  • Is the Thiaminase in fish a good reason to avoid feeding smelt altogether?
  • My dog is throwing up once a week, what should I do?

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Q&A 10/14/23

  • Is it true that overgrown nails can cause long term hip and joint issues?
  • Should I worry about my dog’s swollen lymph glands?
  • The latest gimmick by supplement profiteers to “improve” kibble
  • Is it more satisfying for dogs to eat whole pieces of meat rather than ground meats?
  • Is fasting a helpful response to yeast overgrowth?
  • What’s causing my dog to itch and vomit bile after nearly 3 years on RMF?
  • Is cow tongue good to feed to a dog?
  • If my dog is still hungry eating 3% meat, can I increase it?
  • The fish I’m feeding is 15% fat, does this fit within RMF?
  • How long can you keep liver treats in the fridge or cupboard without them going bad?
  • Can I use my oven to make liver treats?
  • Can diarrhea ever be something positive?
  • How to tell the difference between diarrhea and loose stools?
  • What’s the secret to not having gnats in your kitchen?
  • Can a dog ever get too much bone in his diet?
  • How often should I adjust my puppy’s food quantity based on weight between 3 and 6 months? Weekly?
  • What’s the best recreational bone for a 20 pound dog?

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Q&A 10/07/23

  • A reminder to members to open emails they get from RMF 🙂
  • An anecdote that illustrates why antibiotics “work” sometimes
  • Should food ever be used as “medicine”?
  • A problem with the new AAFCO approved pet food labels
  • What is “whisker stress” in cats?
  • What causes gas in dogs that are new to RMF?
  • A member wants to know if she should adjust her rotation for her dog
  • Since melon season is ending, what’s a good replacement?
  • Should I use a remedy on my dog for his seizures?
  • Should I give my dog some of my fresh juice?
  • Should I increase the quantity of food I’m feeding if my dog is too skinny?
  • Some personal observations that illustrate the differences between the normal diet for humans and that of dogs.