Q&A with Nora 2024

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March Q&A Videos with Nora

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Q&A 03/02/24

  • 1:50 Your feedback requested on Zoom vs. YouTube for the weekly Q&As
  • 4:00 My email interaction with Dr. Will Falconer
  • 5:40 A source for edible furry parts for your dog
  • 7:47 A critique of Dr. Karen Becker’s graphic telling people to feed green bananas
  • 13:58 Grain free lawsuit against Hills Pet Food
  • 17:36 Fast eating (gulping) and food aggression are hard wired
    Voyageurs Facebook page entry for February 29, 2024
  • 20:25 Help for an overweight new RMF dog who doesn’t like chicken
  • 24:25 Are beef heart/kidneys and pork heart/kidneys interchangeable or is beef superior?
  • 29:00 Information on how fat causes yeast issues
    – re the question about fat & yeast
    connection between diabetes and yeast “infection”
    – Dr. Gregor’s excellent video on fat in muscle cells
    text of the above video
  • 32:45 More evidence that wolves don’t eat stomach contents (March 3, 2024 Voyageurs Facebook page entry)
  • 37:12 Is my dog’s ear gunk old stuff coming out or current feeding mistakes?
  • 42:03 When will my dog’s hair grow back?
  • 44:55 How does natural hygiene/RMF explain why only ONE puppy of a litter would die of “parvo?”
  • 54:04 Should I have fecal testing done on my dog periodically? What in the RMF diet might cause a fecal test to throw a false positive?
  • 1:00:33 More holes in the pharma driven Rabies narrative
  • 1:09:48 What do you think about using toothpaste, body washes and moisturizers?