Q&A with Nora 2024

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June Q&A Videos with Nora

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Q&A 06/15/24

  • My raw fed cats hide and won’t eat for the pet sitter when I go out of town. What should I do about their meals?
  • Why does my little white dog’s fur turn brownish red around his mouth, paws and under the eyes?
  • When an RMF dog dies naturally at home, what should be done with the body?
  • Helping a new RMF’r who is nervous about feeding bones to her young Chocolate Lab
  • What could cause a long-term RMF dog to suddenly go deaf?!
  • Critiquing a Dogs Naturally Magazine article about feeding fruit to dogs

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Q&A 06/08/24

  • Do you recommend giving bee pollen to dogs?
  • Does honey really help wounds heal fast?
  • My dog ate a dried up dead animal on our walk. What should I do?
  • What’s a good starter meat meal for a new RMF’r?
  • Is it ok to mix fruits and vegetables together?
  • What are Matatabi chews and are they RMF approved?

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Q&A 06/01/24