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December Q&A Videos with Nora

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Q&A 12/30/22

  • Results of my stewing hen experiment
  • Should a puppy with runny stools after meat day be fed only plants for a while?
  • A metaphor for what happens when the blood is polluted and can’t function the way it’s supposed to
  • A Case Study of Bloat
  • Should a dog with recurring gunky ears be fasted regularly or only when the ears are gunky?
  • What helps best with IVDD and pancreatitis?
  • Why do some pets seem to be able to withstand medical and feeding abuses while others cannot?
  • What are the signs of “underfeeding” and are there any problems associated with a dog being lean?
  • After pulling 3 ticks of my dog, I started noticing symptoms. What should I do?

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Q&A 12/23/22

  • How to support the healing of an 11 month old Dalmatian diagnosed with an “antibiotic resistant” spinal infection
  • Can “stewing hens” be fed to dogs?
  • Are periodic blood tests helpful to monitor a dog whose littermate died of congestive heart failure?
  • Is it harmful to feed only one kind of meat indefinitely?
  • The risks of sharing RMF with people who aren’t willing to discard old medical programming
  • What CAN and CANNOT be accomplished with RMF
  • A review of the upcoming book update

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Q&A 12/16/22

  • How stress can cause symptoms
  • An update on Love Your Pet food for RMF
  • Update on my cat’s 6-day fast
  • Will leaving more fat on meat cause my dog to gain weight?
  • Thoughts on rehydrating dehydrated dogs and cats with saline solution
  • Alternative protein sources for dogs that can’t digest meat
  • Thoughts on Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency (EPI) https://epi4dogs.com/
  • Does feeding too much meat cause kidney disease and should kidney compromised dogs eat a plant heavy rotation when first starting RMF?
  • Calculating quantities for an 80 pound dog
  • How much bone do I add to a meal to make up for adding beef heart to prevent loose stools?
  • Thoughts on whether lentils should be sprouted before cooking for dogs.

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Q&A 12/04/22

  • Review of my recent conversation with Doug and Valarie of Love Your Pet Raw Foods
  • Upcoming trouble shooting video with Thanksgiving contest winners
  • Should I test my dog for heartworm?
  • Why is a dog losing weight when there seems to be no reason?
  • What other lean meats can be fed besides beef heart?
  • Is Talapia ok to feed dogs?
  • Addressing mobility issues in a 3-lb, 3 year old dog
  • Is tofu ok to feed dogs?
  • When should you see a vet