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May Q&A Videos with Nora

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Q&A 05/14/22

  • How Fipronil (the active ingredient in flea & tick treatments) affects the thyroid & skin of dogs
  • Bloat, fasting and “sensitivity” vs tolerance
  • Teachable moments from a consultation When should we adjust the rotation?
  • Are seedless fruits harmful?
  • Should we feed different meats occasionally?
  • What about shellfish?
  • The craziness of referring to the cleansing & protection system of the body as the “immune” system
  • Precautions about feeding bones (upcoming video on this topic)
  • Some resources that may be of interest: Audible.com has 3 hygiene friendly audiobooks, “The Science and Fine Art of Fasting” and “Herbert Shelton Reader” by Herbert Shelton and “Fit for Life” by Harvey Diamond
  • Videos by Dr. Thomas Lodi https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ArrrbQWMNi8 (The Pottenger Study) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KwfzRjrJXew (What Dr. Lodi Eats in a Day)

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Q&A 05/7/22

  • Should an RMF’r allow a groomer to use medicated shampoo on their dog?
  • The importance of losing the habit of meal-planning
  • Information on “cherry eye”
  • How important is variety in meat meals?
  • Bogus study finds “one feeding a day” better than two
  • An experience I had that illustrates how fuel efficient humans are (and dogs too)
  • RMF bumper stickers