Q&A with Nora

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August Q&A Videos with Nora

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Q&A 08/12/22

  • Can banana peels be fed?
  • Is variety important?
  • Should I increase the quantity I feed on days when my dog is more active?
  • Can I use commercial treats?
  • Is dandruff caused by over trimming fats?
  • Adding more meat to increase body weight
  • What product should I use to brush my dog’s teeth?
  • Is 2-3% of body weight enough meat?
  • What can I do about my dog’s coughing?
  • What is causing my dog’s waxy ears — detox or current overfeeding?
  • Adding lentils to replace some of the meat in the RMF diet

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Q&A 08/06/22

  • Condolences for the loss of Kelley’s dog, “Blue”
  • Short video clips by topic to be available soon
  • Should cooked yams should be peeled before feeding?
  • Why does my dog seem to have more energy after plant day?
  • Info on mango pits swallowed by dogs
  • All the 411 on the Rife Machine