September Q&A Videos with Nora

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Q&A 09/10/22

  • Topics this week:
  • Highlights of survey results
  • Helping an owner whose dog is still having runny stools after meat
  • My efforts to obtain wild venison scrap and bones
  • Blood tests — what they can and cannot do
  • A recommendation to join the Identifying Poisons FB group
  • Is my old/sick dog approaching death or just going through detox?
  • Some other thoughts on Cushings Disease
  • Helping an owner get her dog ready for a long road trip
  • How RMF affects a female dog’s fertility seasons
  • Announcement of upcoming interviews
  • Thoughts on bad breath
  • Why needle biopsies are not helpful or needed
  • How much fat to trim from marbled beef?
  • Essay on bloodwork during detoxification

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Q&A 09/02/22

  • A brief understanding of the causes of Cushings Disease
  • News update regarding the RMF drug tapering vet
  • Have the Voyageur Wolf team ever seen a case of a wolf being injured or killed by eating bones?
  • Allowing our senses to drive our food choices and what we feed our dogs
  • What are some sources of affordable meat in these hard times?
  • Does feeding our dogs agricultural animals who are fed junk cause them to become diseased?
  • Tips for feeding a dog on a long road trip
  • Should quantity be increased when feeding very low fat meats?
  • Does thiaminase prevent a dog from getting enough thiamine and can this prevent weight gain?
  • Is flax a good source of thiamine for dogs?
  • Is weight loss in just a day or two of fasting normal?
  • More on other dog health groups
  • An explanation of the causes of lymphoma
  • Can a clean healthy dog get fleas?
  • Is 1:1 the highest meat rotation we should feed?