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Discovering the truth about how EASY it is to keep dogs and cats sickness-free is a massively liberating experience, but it can be quite isolating and overwhelming. Navigating new-found independence from the sick pet industry is best done in the company of others. Undoubtedly, people who understand the process of learning and UN-learning that must take place. Our aim in the RMF Community is to take the mystery and complication out of home feeding and support YOU while you learn!

No vet, conventional or “holistic”, is taught the information that we have discovered and have put to work for our animals. No canine nutritionist, no homeopath, no pet practitioner of any kind. Without a doubt, the information that we share here is entirely grounded in NATURE, our only objective teacher. Not only RMF is unique and special but also does not empower any industry. On the contrary, it attempts to remove power from industries and put it back in YOUR hands, where it belongs.

Join our private, exclusive community of like-minded pet owners. Learn how to prevent and reverse disease in your dogs and cats. Find inspiration in the thousands of others who are enjoying freedom from the disease-for-profit medical and pharmaceutical industry!

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