Help for Animal Rescues

Rescue dogs happily playing
Photo credit: Peter Singh

Is your animal rescue organization:

  • Overwhelmed and financially strapped for funds?
  • Constantly fundraising and unable to spend enough time on outreach, education, capacity building, or adoption activities?
  • Worried about distemper or parvo outbreaks?
  • Having to euthanize sick animals because of lack of funds?
  • Not rescuing seniors or special needs dogs and cats because of the high medical costs?

What if I told you that you can reduce your vet bills by more than half; watch the animals in your care experience amazing levels of health; have more time to devote to meaningful activities and potentially SAVE animals that may be slated for euthanasia due to intractable or acute health issues? We’ve seen truly miraculous recoveries when the fundamental CAUSES of disease are eliminated.

Does this sound too good to be true? There are already several animal rescue groups implementing these principles and are seeing results immediately. You can too.

FREE Resources and Assistance for Animal Rescues

Not only will you learn how to save thousands of dollars annually, you will exponentially broaden the impact you have on animal welfare. Rescue organizations are uniquely positioned to empower owners and help dogs avoid chronic sickness. The pet sickness industry has long understood the power that animal rescues have, and they have used them as pawns in the drug selling and veterinary dependency game. Rescues have legitimate needs for veterinary care, but it behooves them and their animals to use intervention only when its benefits exceed its ‘cost.’ Personally, I’d like to do everything possible to educate you so you can keep these expenses down. Not only for your organization, but for the animals. That is why I am offering FREE subscriptions to my RMF Community to those who are genuinely interested in learning how to do this.

Discovering the truth about how EASY it is to keep dogs and cats sickness-free is a massively liberating experience, but it can be quite isolating and overwhelming. Navigating new-found independence from the sick pet industry is best done in the company of others. Undoubtedly, people who understand the process of learning and UN-learning that must take place. Our aim in the RMF Community is to take the mystery and complication out of home feeding and support YOU while you learn!

No vet, conventional or “holistic”, is taught the information that we have discovered and have put to work for our animals. No canine nutritionist, no homeopath, no pet practitioner of any kind. Without a doubt, the information that we share here is entirely grounded in NATURE, our only objective teacher. RMF is unique and special because it does not empower ANY industry. On the contrary, it attempts to remove power from industries and put it back in YOUR hands, where it belongs.

Join our private, exclusive community for FREE to learn how your animal rescue organization can save thousands of dollars annually on vet bills armed with this knowledge. This subscription service is normally $119.88 but FREE to rescues. Discover that you have more control that you think when it comes to disease prevention in your rescued animals. Find inspiration in the thousands of others who are enjoying freedom from the disease-for-profit medical and pharmaceutical industry!

RMF Community Subscription Service includes:

  • Fellowship with other RMF’rs in a safe, non-threatening environment
  • Private discussion forum moderated by RMF experts
  • Live chats and video Q&A with the founder of RMF
  • Articles about common dog health problems like bile vomiting, “allergies” and everything in between
  • Menu ideas, fruit buying guide and so much more!
  • Free copy of the expanded version of RMF E-Book (Available in English and German)
  • (Optional) Subscribe to the RMF Community Newsletter to receive exclusive emails from Nora.

Current community members are treated to videos from new member and pet rescuer Peter Singh (co-founder of TDYN Rescue) who has been posting about his 48+ rescue dogs and cats. It’s only been a couple months and already Peter is reporting enormous savings in vet bills, savings on food bills, and healthy, 48 happy dogs.

We have 48 rescue dogs all on RMF and guess what, none have been to the vet for 65 days! This is unheard of. My vet must think I died!

Peter Singh,
Co-Founder of TDYN Rescue

Please reach out and contact me through the website. But first watch this important video.

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