Below are testimonials/healing stories of how RMF reversed cancer, seizures, IBD, chronic allergies, and more. This is just a sampling. There are hundred of pet owners just like you who have written about their pet’s healing journey to optimal health. To read more, visit our Facebook groups Rotational MonoFeeding (a peer-to-peer support group) or our private RMF Community, available only to subscribers.

Remember, if you want to find health you must look to those who have acquired the healing you seek. Not to those who are throwing supplements and medications at an already over-burdened body hoping something will stick.

German Shepherd Jackson's Testimonial

Testimonials By Disease Type

This section includes the above featured testimonials, PLUS more. Please bear with us as we populate these sections and add additional categories. As noted above, there are hundreds of healing stories in our Facebook group, some of which will be migrated to the website. This process will take a few months and we hope to complete it by Summer 2022.

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