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Healing Allergies

Fito Before RMF

We stumbled upon RMF in hopes of fixing Fito’s allergies. At 4 years old she was diagnosed with severe environmental and food allergies. We tried all the expensive kibbles, allergy medications, and even immunotherapy. Still, she was miserable.


During healing phase

We heard about RMF through another Facebook group and after reading Nora’s book it all made perfect sense. We started in April 2021 and Fito experienced a really long and hard skin detox starting in August. She steadily lost weight month after month. We would often lose hope and considered stopping the diet, but the RMF philosophy on feeding just made sense. In June of 2022 Fito had surgery to remove an intestinal obstruction from eating cloth. She was totally emaciated at this point and we worried she wouldn’t make it through.

During healing

Fito After RMF

Fito recovered quickly, and her transformation was amazing. All her hair grew back, even in places we hadn’t seen hair for years! She gained weight, muscle, and energy. At 7 years old, she acts like a puppy again!


Maria Chop