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Healing Flea Allergy Dermatitis

Allergy healing Olive

Olive Before RMF

For the majority of her life, Olive suffered from “flea allergy dermatitis” and had the scars to prove it. I adopted her in Sept. 2017 and she came to me with nearly all of her hair missing, infections, and calluses from repeated sores from where she would bite her skin.

Initially I put her on Darwins raw food (BARF model) and she was thriving. That is, until July 2018. That’s when the itching started again. And it didn’t go away. I noticed on her medical record she had been diagnosed with “Flea Allergy Dermatitis”. She itched so badly that she had to wear a cone and tee for 6 months out of the year (July – December). Then, the bile vomiting started. Every morning like clockwork. And that is what led me to Rotational MonoFeeding – I found an article on Nora’s blog about bilious vomiting. That’s when we started RMF – December 2018.

Olive After RMF

I couldn’t believe how quickly we saw results! After just one month on RMF, I was constantly scratching Olive’s back to see if her skin would crawl -I COULD NOT BELIEVE her itching was gone!!!! It was totally gone! After all I tried (supplements, high quality food, etc.) I couldn’t believe it was this simple. And not only was she not itching, there was no more bile vomiting either. I noticed that she was starting to shed skin – lots of flaking dandruff and I was excited about this because I was told she was shedding dead, diseased, and dying tissue to make way for new healthy skin. Just like when you remodel a house.

I noticed that if I did 2 meat days in a row she would start to itch, so I stuck with alternating plant and meat days. I also noticed that if I mixed too many items in one meal she might vomit it up 8 or 12 hours later, so I fed meals consisting of 1-3 items.

By summer (6 months later) Olive started itching again. This time, instead of treating her symptoms, I did nothing for the itching except feed her per the RMF protocol, bath her every so often, and having her wear a cone and t-shirt to prevent her from biting herself raw. Sometimes I applied aloe or cool black tea compress if she seems miserable and needed relief. She is a rescue and was misfed the first 7 years of her life so it’s likely going to take a year or two to heal – at least that was my guess. Daily detoxing from the eyes had stopped at this point but would show up once every two weeks or so. She has had absolutely zero bile vomiting and no other health issues other than itching and everyone commented on how beautiful her coat is. I was seeing results…

Two Year Update

After one year on the protocol, the initial 6 months of severe itching had been reduced to 6 weeks of mild itching and after two years, it is completely gone. Her body healed itself after I removed the cause. No more vomiting. No more itching. The body can perform miracles! Stick with it and you will be rewarded. Thank you Nora for all your advice and support this last year.

Below are some interesting up-close before and after photos of some toxins being pushed through the top of the nose during year two. This happened twice while healing. This is detox and was not treated with any medication. I share this to show you that the body can detox in crazy ways but as long as you take care to continue on the protocol and trust the process, the body will take care of itself.

Kelley Weld