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Healing Allergies

Allergy healing Marley

Before we found Nora’s protocol, we all tried everything, including allergy tests. 80% of the issue cleared up, but I knew something wasn’t right because he still scratched some. I forget how I found this Rotational MonoFeeding, but it was a lifesaver.

Let me tell you, this “allergy” chart (pic below) held a prominent place on my fridge for the past 3 years. I was chained to it. I’d freak out if someone gave him one of his “allergens”. Before I started him on this protocol, I’d keep a digital copy of this in my phone when I’d go to the store and buy meats or veg (I always used to mix it) for him. I didn’t even realize that I haven’t paid a bit of attention to this paper in so many months. My little guy can eat all of the proteins and plants he couldn’t before. Nothing triggers scratching episodes so severe that he’d make his own skin on his stomach bleed anymore. No foods even trigger *mild* scratching. He’s free and I’m free of what we thought was a life sentence for him.

I’m so grateful to have stumbled upon this group (I don’t even remember how) and what it’s done for Marley. ❤️


Andrea Vee