Allergy / Dermatology

Healing Allergies and Chronic UTIs

Allergy healing Ruby and Griff

My almost 6 year old labradoodle Ruby was struggling with reoccurring UTIs which were treated with antibiotics and cranberry supplements but they always came back. This last time, we did an ultrasound and no stones or anything. I thought after the last four week treatment of antibiotics she would be clear but she starting to strain again with light blood in her pee just within a few months.

I would do anything to help Ruby – I was buying what I thought was high quality food Stella and Chewy (spending $120/mo) and mixed in raw meat with it a few times a week. My “holistic” vet recommended that brand and to mix meat but that wasn’t working. I was so bummed and wanted her to be out of pain and get to the bottom of this!

Praise God I found RMF. When I did, I immediately read the entire e-book and began to do food prep. Since making the switch- within 5 days all of her symptoms are completely gone! Praise the Lord! My little pup Griff use to scratch and lick all the time too and that has completely stopped as well.

I am so thankful for this new diet! Thank you Nora and the moderators and everyone in the Rotational MonoFeeding group who made this possible.

Emily Stolz Woolfork