Allergy / Dermatology

Healing Severe Allergies

I’m really excited to be sharing our FANTASTIC results after starting on this amazing journey of RMF.

I have sibling standard poodles who arrived from overseas when they were 14 weeks old in May 2022. They had been taken from mum at 6 weeks and fed on kibble, had two rounds of x5 puppy shots, and parasite treatments x2. Not a good start to life for any pup, but sadly a very common one. So it wasn’t surprising they each had health issues when I got them, ear issues and runny eyes. Thinking I was doing the right thing by them I immediately changed their diet to 100% raw meat. I got it from a local pet supplier “all nicely minced and packaged up”.

By the time they were 8 months old we had all been through hell and many, many tears. I was desperate to find out why my girl (in particular) was so itchy she couldn’t even take one step without scratching herself bloody, particularly her face and eyes. We had gotten no sleep for months and neither had she. We had spent a great deal of money on multiple visits to three different vets who had guessed everything from several different types of nasty mites to yeast infections in the ear and/or the whole internal body, to allergies, to genetics. They prescribed steroids, antibiotics, ear drops, and lotions (which worked for two weeks then right back to square one again and worse), and antihistamines. Then we saw an allergy specialist for testing – we were already up to $2,000 before the testing only to be told that their ultimate solution was monthly cytopoint injections for the rest of her life. At this point she had been wearing a cone for months and there seemed no relief in sight for her. I was even told by someone that if I wasn’t prepared to give her the shots every month I should put her down. I just couldn’t get my head around giving her toxic drugs every month to make her healthy, it just didn’t feel right. After researching these drugs further, I knew it wasn’t right!

Determined not to let this poor little girl down, I went the holistic route (or so I thought) and that resulted in more “experts” saying the same things. Take this herb, that “natural treatment course” pre and pro biotics, etc. I spent another several hundred dollars more on “hope” in a plastic bottle from various animal healers and health shops, all the while feeling my way in the darkness of ignorance and hoping to find that magic cure for my girl.

In deeper desperation and frustration, I stepped up what had already been months of internet searches on any dog groups and holistic healers I could find. One teary day (when I had lost it yet again) I fell upon “The Con Game of Allergies” – a random video by Nora Lenz that she had posted on YouTube. By the time I had finished watching, I knew I had just heard the TRUTH! I tracked down Nora and that’s how our healing journey began. I finally felt empowered and wanted to learn as much as I could.

In December of 2022 I started RMF. I read the book many times for reference and by January I had a basic idea of what I was doing. We tried many different rotations trying to get it right for her. After several arguments with my husband about it, I finally fasted my girl for 3 days and saw a huge improvement, then again for another 5 days with same results. It seemed to be one step forward two steps backwards on and on, but all the while slowly improving. I did get scared when I saw some of the symptoms of detox that I didn’t recognize or understand: substantial weight loss, lethargy, zero puppy play, sleeping a lot during the day, bile vomiting, runny eyes getting worse, ears getting worse. There were also skin scabs, redness under her coat, and a massive loss of hair – about 50% of her coat. She looked sickly and was a weak, pathetic-looking version of what I knew. It was heart breaking. But I stuck with it and got the expert advise when I needed it.

So many combinations, rotations, and foods I tried all the while slowly improving. Eventually I started to see she was needing the cone less and less, even though we had relapses at times. Over the following months I got my girl to about 80% good. By participating in the private RMF group I had learned so much and read every comment by other members on all sorts of issues and every answer or suggestion by the amazing moderators who are so knowledgeable through experience. I saw the success of so many others, I just couldn’t seem to get to that 100% with my girl. So I decided to purchase a package from Spyridoula Makri the detox specialist because I had learned that my girl was suffering from toxemia and was going through the very slow process (usually a year) of cleaning out her body (in her time, not my impatient time).

It was the one-on-one time with Spyridoula that pushed us up and up to the 100%. With her help I was able to make the smallest changes to the diet but with dramatic results. I wish I had purchased this detox package months before I did. It could have sped up the entire process and my learning curve. As I discovered every dog is individual and when Spyridoula had the history, the details of feeding, symptoms, etc. her advice, coaching, and support made all the difference to us. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

RMF and the coaching service offered by Spyridoula Makri [more information on the Rotational MonoFeeding Facebook group] have helped all my dogs, two seniors and two pups. It even extended the life of my seniors who turned a corner for the better at a late age. I hope this (longer than I wanted) story of my RMF experience might help anyone who feels the same sorrow, powerlessness, and frustration to help their dogs, as I once did. I’m so grateful that I found RMF. It’s all now my own knowledge to keep and to help other dogs with, just because I can. It’s so much more than you can imagine. Both Nora and Spyridoula and has empowered me to have the knowledge and confidence to manage the health of my own dogs and my family independent of the sickness industry, vets or drugs. That is GOLD!

Shannon F.