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Healing Pancreatic Cancer


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  • Cataracts
  • Pancreatic cancer

OCT 2019

About 6 weeks ago my 13yr old Maltese began having a lot of wetting accidents. I quickly came across a raw feeding group and took her off her organic, dry kibble and began feeding a mixture of grass-fed, hormone and antibiotic-free meat with veggies, fruit, organs, D-Mannose (thinking bladder/kidney infection), vitamin D, and more. Two weeks in, my pup did not respond very well to this rich concoction. Her cataracts and tumor/cyst growth had accelerated. I searched again and landed here. For the past month, we have been doing the plan [Rotational MonoFeeding]. The cataracts have slowed and so have her growths. However, the wetting has continued. (I finally ordered diapers today.)

MAY 2020

Zoey has been cancer free since February. Her cataracts are also 100% gone. (Our food matters so much people.) Her incontinence remains and her cysts /growths have increased in number and size. (I am told this is due to toxins leaving the body and I feel it’s true.) Zoey had been tortured for 12yrs with vaccinations, antibiotics, and flea treatments before we turned it around with the information learned from this group. It’s never too late to make things right. Their love is unconditional. They deserve to be fed nourishing food. Zoey’s favorites are ALL fruit, squash, sweet potatoes, and the newly added quinoa. She enjoys the heck out of meat day now, with turkey necks, chicken feet, and breasts. We do a 5:1:1 rotation.

OCT 2020

Zoey continues to heal. Her bladder is growing stronger. She has more growths, but I realize these are the body releasing toxins and that’s a good thing. Tomorrow she’ll get her first Cornish hen. As she’s ages, her energy level reflects the meal she consumes, with days of high energy (fruit) or lethargy (meat).

MAR 2021

Zoey will be 14 soon. She has no signs of cancer any longer. Although her cataracts are gone completely, she appears to be becoming hard of hearing and nearsighted. It is hard to tell what is decline and what is age-related attitude. Lol Accidents are fewer, but she cannot hold it like she once could. I’ve noticed, the higher the fruit, the more she needs out. Zoey does better without meat, so we have reduced her to once a month.

She still enjoys daily, several-mile walks even though she sleeps more. We now have to let her out once during the night as well. We’ve always fed two major meals a day of squash. We’ve added mashed peas to the bottom and occasional pumpkin. At lunchtime, she has taken to sharing my smoothies, papaya, watermelon, etc. She practically steals it from my plate. She LOVES fruit. Funny that she wouldn’t touch anything but meat at the start.

MAY 2021

We began using The Emotion Code by Dr Bradley Nelson with Zoey. Zoey now sleeps through the night. She had gotten up twice before, for potty breaks. She no longer begs for food an hour or more prior to feeding time. In fact, she won’t even remind us of needing to be fed at all unless we’re in the kitchen. In the weeks to come, I can’t wait to see what releasing further emotion does for her. This diet, along with the EC, have given me a 14-year old PUPPY. She is more lively than ever. On a side note, we hardly do meat anymore as she prefers fruit and veggies.

Amy Lynn Engstrom