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Healing Mammary Cancer

Diagnosis / Symptoms

  • Cancer (Grapefruit sized mass on spleen, multiple mammary tumors)
  • Head Tilt Neosplasia / Old Dog Vestibular Disease
  • Hearing Loss (Deafness)
  • Walking in Circles
  • Stage 3 Dental Disease
  • Severely overweight
  • 3 Mammary Masses about the size of marbles
  • A large mass approximately the size of a grapefruit next to her spleen and pushing her spleen to the side.
  • Stage 3 Dental Disease
  • Large fluid filled bump on her back about the size of a golf ball.
  • Large sections of black heads on her back
  • Other small random hard bumps on her back

DEC 16 2018

Happy was adopted as a hospice case with an unknown medical history. She would walk in circles and fall over. She could not go up and down the stairs and would often fall over. We started her on a 2:1:1 rotation (Day 1 – Fruit, Day 2 – Quinoa and Yams, Day 3 – Meat, Day 4 Fast) for the first two weeks then began adding more fruit days and fast days. So far she has lost 3.6 pounds. She no longer walks in circles and she now bounces up the stairs with gracefulness. She goes down the ramp without falling or stumbling. Her head tilt is not as severe and she keeps her head straight about 50% of the time. The fluid filled bump on her back is no longer filled with fluid and the mammary masses have shrunk about half.

MAY 29 2019

In the photos below, the left side shows Happy when adopted and the right side shows Happy today – May 29. Mammary masses are now about the size of peas. She has lost approximately 11 pounds, can now hike 3 miles with ease and even do steep hills and technical trails with boulders to climb. This is the power of biologically appropriate food and how the body can heal when we remove the cause of disease.

cancer testimonial

JAN 29 2020

So Happy has had a large cyst/lump/bump on her back near her tail since the day we pulled her from the euthanasia list at the shelter. She has been steadily healing everything and has even got her hearing back. Yet still the bump remained. Then about a month ago her back and her stomach area broke out in thousands of very black very dry very sticky “blackheads” which is very old, dry, stagnant lymphatic waste. And her skin got very flaky. So we did a high fruit rotation for two weeks and I started doing daily dry brushing to help pull all of the blackheads out. We added some additional walks/runs to her routine. She had so much waste built up in her body that it required nearly her entire skin to push it out.

cancer testimonial

About 2 weeks later, I noticed what looked like an abrasion (like rug burn) on the top of the cyst. So I kept checking it daily and I suspected that it might be getting ready to release. So I kept watching it and then 2 days ago I rubbed gently and the area which had developed into almost a scab just peeled right off and I was able to gentle squeeze out all of that trapped lymph waste from the cyst. Now, less than 2 days later I cannot even find the area where the cyst was. She still has some sections of blackheads but those are continuing to clear out more and more day by day.

Because the skin is the largest eliminative organ it is often the last to heal. But more importantly, the body wants to address the internal damage that is of more immediate danger. So the skin is as close to external as the body can get. Anything trapped in the skin layer will remain until all of the more important issues are addressed internally. But once it is ready, the body will release all of the external junk as well. All we need to do is stay the course.

Lauren Whiteman