Healing a Rash

hugo cat

Hugo Before RMF

We adopted our ginger boss man Hugo on June 6th, 2020 at 3 months old. At that time we had no idea about RMF and simply transitioned him from the science diet canned food and kibble they had him on to what we were using for our other three cats. Small Batch Commercial Raw and Freeze Dried Vital Essentials. I also gave him some Goat’s milk, Cow kefir and herbal supplements here and there. Which I thought was healthy!

As a kitten, Hugo had some eye discharge and often a dirty/crusty nose, but I also noticed that he had this pronounced line of raised inflamed skin down the back of his right leg and I just assumed it was some type of scar from an incident. It started out short/small and then as he grew, it also grew. It kept getting bigger and he would bite at it quite often as if it was itchy. Finally, I took some clippers to his glorious beautiful silky orange fur so that I could get a better look at it. Once I shaved his leg (10/03/2020), I decided to start spraying and rubbing it with colloidal silver in case it was some sort of a rash. Super fun times!

After about a week of holding him and spraying his leg several times a day, it did completely go away. But to have to keep spraying him was a hassle and we both hated it. I gave up and let him be, hoping it would not return… Unfortunately, the rash came back a week later. The colloidal silver was just another “natural remedy” band-aid that stopped his detoxing process.

Hugo After Starting RMF

Due to my other cat, Ted, being diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and spending hours and hours scouring the internet for natural ways to treat it, I stumbled upon this RMF group. After soaking in a lot of the information, we jumped right in! Why not?! We bought some whole meats, knives, shears, a grinder, glass containers and started the species appropriate diet right away for her, Hugo and our other four cats. This was on November 10th, 2020.

Hugo kept begging and begging for his freeze dried kibbles every night but we stayed the course! After about 7 weeks on the diet, the rash was gone and he was no longer biting himself. No spraying, no herbs, no supplements, no expensive creams, no catching him to hold him down… Simply removing the cause of disease by feeding a raw homemade diet that is appropriate for cats.

I’m forever thankful for finding RMF and the support group! The information and knowledge has been priceless. Hugo now has a clear leg and is doing so well. He absolutely loves his raw diet and watching us on meal prep days – hoping he might sneak a snack. 😉 My other cats have also seen improvement and it has been THE BEST THING I could ever do for my furbabies. Thank you Nora and RMF!

Danielle Nazir