Hana & Hero looking over the balcony

Healing Allergies and Respiratory Problems

Before RMF

We adopted Hana and Hero on September 27, 2020. They are siblings and were about 5 months old. When they were handed off to me, I noticed they were both sneezing a lot. Hero also had a lot of eye discharge and crusties. He was extremely itchy. It was not disclosed to me and I found out later that they had previously been to the vet for upper respiratory issues and been given medication.

Anyways, at this time we had no idea about RMF and simply transitioned them from their Purina canned food to Small Batch Commercial Raw along with Goat’s milk, Cow kefir and herbal supplements. Which I thought was healthy!

For over a month both were still sneezing a lot. Hero began scratching his neck so much and hard it was bleeding. I was trying to wipe it and put colloidal silver. It wasn’t helping. Then Hana wasn’t wanting to eat and had very loose stools with some blood in it. Because Hana wasn’t eating and had lost some weight, I took her in to a holistic vet on 10/29/2020. $1,200 later she was given fluids, B12, vitamin C, Rebound, had a diagnosis of GI disease, was de-wormed again and I was given a box of supplements – pro/prebiotics, enzymes, herbals, homeopathy… She was still having loose stools.

Hero on the other hand had even worse respiratory symptoms along with the third eyelids showing. So I took him into the same holistic vet to just get a full check-up and everything came back fine. The third eyelids, also happened in my other cat Ted and Mocha around the same time. Lots of upper respiratory issues between the cats. So I had given them all the supplements the holistic vet had prescribed as we were thinking it was feline herpes that were brought in the house from Hana and Hero.

After Starting RMF

We then found RMF and started that on November 10th, 2020. Hana was starting to eat better. I did go ahead and use out the herbal supplements given. I had simply trashed all the powered tubs. I’m not sure how long after, maybe a month or two they were doing much better and Hana’s stools had firmed up. Hero was no longer itchy. So crazy! I really wish we had known about RMF before dropping over a thousand at the vet and going through the hassle of travel there and the supplements and all the frustrating things.

They are both doing well and absolutely love their raw homemade diet. They are very good eaters!

Danielle Nazir