Heart Disease

Healing Heart Failure

heart failure

Rhya Before RMF

Ok I am going to be honest about something. When I first started reading about RMF, I was a hugeeee skeptic but I decided to try it. Why? Well because nothing on this diet cannot harm them. RMF includes real food that we eat daily so I thought, hey why would it be harmful? In the end, I am so glad I tried it and here’s why. This is my dog Rhya. I rescued her back in December 2020. She was carrying 20 lbs of fluid within her. Rhya looked like she was pregnant but that wasn’t the case. She had severe heartworms, heart failure, severe pulmonary hypertension, a grade 4 out of 6 heart murmur, and her left ventricle completely didn’t work when the body tried to pump blood.

Now, at this time I didn’t even know RMF existed. I wasn’t into holistic approach either. So we went the modern medicine route and put her on heartworm treatments, got her on so many meds I lost count. But around April 2021, though her body no longer retains fluid and she has less heartworms, her condition remains the same. Still in heart failure, still has severe pulmonary hypertension, and still grade 4 heart murmur. This is when I started RMF.

Rhya After RMF

After starting RMF, Rhya started losing weight like crazy. At one point she was a walking skeleton (see her detox photo). I panicked. I started questioning things. But thanks to the help and encouragement I received from the support group, I stuck with it. A moderator of the Rotational MonoFeeding Facebook group encouraged me to keep going. I keep having to remind myself “She will gain it back once her body heals.” Fast forward to today…

Rhya gained all her weight back (see after photo). We went in for a cardiologist checkup and they couldn’t believe what they saw. Rhya is no longer in heart failure. She went from a severe pulmonary hypertension case to a very mild one. They couldn’t hear any heart murmur on her (they had to listen twice to make sure that was right). Lastly, her left ventricle which once didn’t pump any blood is working normal as it should. I am not one to write long posts nor hype something up.

I believe that if you want to try it you try it. Don’t let anyone talk you into something you don’t want to do. BUT I have to tell this story because I am so proud of my girl for overcoming all of this. This diet changes her life. It saves her life and gives me more time with her. It did something that none of those medications could have done.

heart failure (before)
Detox doesn’t have to be scary – the body is fully nourished as it eliminates the old waste in preparation to rebuild.
heart failure (after)

Kenzie Ng